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Autumn 1

Our PE and orienteering skills - sorting symbols into a grid.

Learning our Harvest Festival Song, using Makaton.

In DT we designed our own Mario Kart track (e.g a marble run). We worked in teams and helped eachother to solve problems!

In computing we have been learning to code on - we are leading up to write our own Flappy Birds program.

We became car designers and used 2Design to make our own Mario Kart.

Bluebells are taking part in the 100 Skips a day challenge! It's trickier than you think, but we are trying our best.

We made a Pokideck and tried to catch Pokemon in the playground. We designed and wrote about our own Pokemon.

We created and painted our own Pokemon using water colours.

In geography we practised following and giving instructions. We completed a Minecraft Treasure hunt.

We created a Minecraft Scene and planned our own Minecraft adventure story.

Everyone was excited to witness our Coca-Cola and Mentos explosion for our Minecraft Science Experiment!

We created our own Roblox scene and gadgets!

We created our own Roblox character self-portrait and used different mediums to colour them in.