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Safe Crossing

Today, the School Council met our lollipop lady, Janet, who greets us with a lovely smile every morning. Janet told us how to cross the road safely and talked about her equipment and high-visibility uniform. Lola is especially proud because Janet is her Grandma.


Please use the safe crossings when you cross the road, and if you are a driver, please drive especially carefully around the school.

Outwoods School Council Coat Sale

In our very first meeting, the council discussed ways that we could change things for the better. One of our first ideas was to re-sell winter coats, so we started a short campaign. We asked our families to donate old coats and today have sold them. The money raised will be split between a charity and school funds and unsold coats will be offered to local homeless and refugee charities.

Well done Outwoods - you raised £74!


The School Council have been busy preparing for the Coat Sale at 2.45 this afternoon.

Please come and rummage - there are some lovely bargains to be found!

Our first project is a coat sale this Friday.

Councillor Tony Clews presented the new School Council in a special assembly.

Elections 2022. Children have made presentations to their classes and today the whole school has voted for the councillors to represent each class.

March 2022 - Craig Tracey came to visit!

Outwoods pupils were very proud to meet with Craig Tracey when he came to receive their letters about road safety around Outwoods. We talked about different difficulties we faced and agreed that it would be great if more people could walk or bike to school, or park further away. Mr Tracey is going to speak to people at the council and the local police to see how they can help too.

When we had handed over our letters, we were excited to show Craig around our amazing school. Even Cilla came out to see us. It was amazing showing off our uncredible classrooms, outside areas and artwork.

Birdfeeders at Outwoods

Current Projects

Year 1 Councillors










Hello, I am in Year One. I like helping people when they are injured. I would like to help people in need and give them water.

I am a pupil in Year One. I like playing in the park.

I am in Year One and I love swimming and football.


Year 2 Councillors


I am in Year Two. I believe there should be science around the school. I love playing football and computers. I am going to make the world a better place and Outwoods too.

Hi. I am in Year Two. I like dinosaur games.

Hello, I am in Year Two. I love helping people and helping out. My favourite animals are dogs, cats and horses. I am a brilliant friend and when I grow up I would like to be a teacher.

Hello, I am in Year Two. I love gymnastics and am excited to be in the school council.


Year 3 Councillors



Hello.  I am a school councillor for Year Three. I am really, really good at football- I am a pro at it! I also like gaming, and Italian and French. 

Hello,  I am in Year Three. I absolutely love football and am a pro at it! I really like Greek, French, Portugese and Italian. I would love to be a You-Tuber and a pro-footballer when I am older.

Hello,  I am in Year Three. I love to play hide-and-seek with my friends and going to school. I think we should have more hand gel so people don't get sick. I think if we had more bird-feeders, our school would be a better place.

Hello,  I'm in Year Three. I'm really good at art. I draw Roblox avatars and have some good ideas for a great avatar. I would love to make some of my pictures to put around the school, to make it more interesting.


Year 4 Councillors


Hello,  I am in Year Four and my interests are gymnastics, dance and scouts. I like to be crazy but sometimes I can be shy too. I am in the school council because I am keen on helping the school be the best it can be. I love learning and I really want to be a zookeeper when I grow up.


Hello, I am in Year Four and my interests are football, food and family.

I'm a school councillor because I want to make our school a better place. I would love to put a bird feeder in this school and more stuff in the nature area.


Hi! I like football. I am a school councillor because I help people with their work. I would love to make the nature area a better place by putting bird feeders there.


I am in Year Four. My interests are playing with my family.


Year 5 Councillors


Hello,  I love drawing. I want to be a school councillor because I want to help improve our school.


Hello,  I am in Year Five. I really enjoy playing football and rugby. I am willing to help younger children read, learn and most importantly, have fun. I would also like more animals in the nature area and for a homework club to be opened.


Hello, I am a Year Five school councillor. I enjoy playing football and gaming. I want to make the world a better place such as by stopping littering.


Hello,  I am in year Five. I love to play football outside school. To make the school a better place we could fix things that are wrong, if we can.


Year 6 Councillors


Hello,  I am in Year Six. My favourite thing to do is read my favourite book and I would love to help the school by encouraging more people to play nicely and read in our lovely library.


Hello,  I am in Year Six. I'm good at dodgeball and cricket and I love to learn about algebra. I really want Outwoods to be a kinder and more natural place.