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Let's Go To The New Dough Disco

Dough disco is exercise for the fingers to improve fine muscle control. It is good before long writing tasks as a warm-up but essential every day exercise for Early Years. Dough DiscoTM by Shonette Bason You can find more parental and educational resources at, including free downloads for dough disco resources.

Three Little Pigs story with finger exercises using playdough

A retelling of the popular nursery story The Three Little Pigs. It involves hand movements and fine motor skills!

Fine motor development | Playdough song | If you're happy and you know it

A fun playdough song to develop fine motor control and coordination - get your kids ready for writing! Easy to follow playdough routine which is 3 minutes long. Want to download? Find the mp3 at Sing along with the music, squeezing, rolling and splatting!

Dough Disco Tadpoles Transform into Frogs | Frog Life cycle

Dough Disco down the pond! We have special moves that show us how frogs start as tiny little eggs and end up transformed into hopping, croaking frogs! Let's get those fingers ready and dive into our Frog Life Cycle Dough Disco!

Incy Wincy Spider | Nursery Rhyme With Playdough | Dough Disco | Educational Cartoon for Kids

If you have some playdough, you can help your child to develop their fine motor skills in readiness for writing by playing these dough disco activities.
Dough Disco to Incy Wincy Spider Nursery Rhyme. Follow along video for children to enjoy! This popular traditional nursery rhyme has been updated to a Dough Disco Stylee! Dough Disco is a popular fine motor skill exercise that can be used in settings, eyfs classrooms and at home to improve children's writing skills.