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Year 3 - Trilby 2021/22

Year 3 Trilby 2021/22



Welcome to the Trilby's Class Page!


Our teacher is Miss Maddocks and our teaching assistant is Miss Gallett.

We are very creative in the Trilby class and our teachers love to use creativity to make learning memorable and bring learning to life.  

We care about our friends and look after each other in the Trilby class.  As well as looking after Cilla our school cat,  when she visits us every day, we have a furry friend that is a member of our class too.  We all work together to look after him.



Our wonderful class.




Our class pet is a beautiful, hoppity rabbit called Smudge.



Important Information

P.E. days  -  Monday and Thursday - please remember to come to school wearing appropriate P.E. kit on  these days.

Spelling test  -  on a Friday.

Homework  -  sent home on Fridays. 

Reading  -  We read in class everyday,  so please remember to bring your reading book into school everyday.


Our topics this year are:


Autumn 1 -  Tomb Raiders

Autumn 2 -  Heim

Spring 1 - Battle of the bands

Spring 2 -  Bright Lights, Big City

Summer 1 - Virtual Europe

Summer 2 - The Amazon


Summer 2


30.06.22     Firepit Storytime


Today we enjoyed a treat, sitting around a campfire in the forest school woods area; reading from one of our favourite books.  We are currently reading "The Twits" by Roald Dahl as part of our author studies project.  We loved sitting in the woods listening to the rustling of leaves, the crackling of the wood in the fire pit and smelling the smoke from the fire; whilst listening to Miss Maddocks read from the book.

Our rainforest projects so far

24.06.22 and 01.07.22 Rainforests Homework Project

22.06.22 - Strawberry picking


Today the Trilby class began picking their first strawberries of the year.  They have looked after the strawberry patch for weeks, weeding and watering them everyday and today they are harvesting the fruits of their labour.

14.06.22     Our class visit to the Botanical Gardens


Today we went on a class trip to the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham.  The reason for our visit was to find out all about plants that grow in the rainforest ad how they are used.  We discovered that some of the things we use every day, are made from  rainforest plants.  We also discovered that many plants are turned into medicines or are used as flavourings or colourings.  Some plants are poisonous until they are cooked are changed in some way.


We met James who talked to us about the plants and animals of the rainforest and even the tribes people who live there.  We were able to handle some of the animals too.


We had a brilliant time and here are some of our photos.

06.06.22   -  TOPIC LAUNCH

The Trilby class enjoyed a brilliant day toda,y launching their new topic on the Amazon Rainforest.  We were visited by a lovely lady called Laura who brought some of her rainforest animals friends with her.  We were brave and made some new friends.

Summer 1


25.05.22  -  Today in our science work on states of matter, we explored whether or not we could build a skyscraper from ice.   It was trickier than we thought and we came across a number of problems.

D and T Project  -  Designing and making a nightlight


Today we have completed  our design and technology project.  We have been designing and making a nightlight for ourselves for our bedroom or for one of the children in our family.   We designed and then made our own lamp shade and then we placed an electrical circuit inside it so that it would light up.

Next we made our own light switch so that it could be turned on and off.

25.04.22    Science -  Electrical Circuits

Today we spent the day exploring electrical circuits.  We explored circuits that would and wouldn’t work and used our scientific vocabulary to explain why.  We used a range of different equipment and explored the effects of adding more bulbs to a circuit and more batteries. We also added switches and buzzers into our circuits.   

We discovered that electricity flows one way around a circuit and that a break in the circuit can stop this from happening.


25.04.22      TOPIC LAUNCH     

We launched our new topic today called "Virtual Europe".  This is a topic mainly focusing on geography and we  will be taking a tour of Europe, visiting just a few of some of the many countries within the continent.     We will explore the landscape, the weather and climate and some of its most famous landmarks.

 We used the orienteering course in school to launch our topic today.  We used maps to lead us to points around school where we found quiz questions.  Some of the questions were quite tricky and we didn't know the answers, but by the end of the topic we will have learned all the information we need about Europe, to be able to answer them all.  It was great fun!



Spring 2


We launched our topic today called "Bright Lights, Big City."


Today in science we investigated how different materials can muffle sounds.  We tested several materials and then recorded the distance at which sounds from a source could no longer be heard.

Art Curriculum Enrichment Week

This week the whole school took part in an arts curriculum enrichment week.

The Trilby's looked at the work of the famous artist Georgia O’Keefe, a famous modernist painter.  The children explored making sketches of real flowers and then explored watercolour painting their flower sketches.  They took their time, working really carefully into their drawings and their paintings were exceptional.


Today we have been exploring light and whether we can make light bend.   We were set a challenge to work out how to help the London underground light up the tunnels so that trains could travel safely along the underground.  Light travels in a straight line though so we had to investigate how we could light up tunnels that curved and bent around corners. 

Spring 1


Welcome back to the new Spring term!  

We have begun our new topic, Battle of the Bands.  This topic is all about sound and music and we have been enjoying listening to music from across the decades.  Our favourites are Hip, Rock and Roll and Disco.

We launched our topic with finding out about different genres of music and a sound quiz.




Orienteering - 13.01.21

Today the class enjoyed practising our map reading skills in PE which you might think strange, but we were playing physical games to promote team work and problems solving in preparation for using the brand new Cross Curricular Orienteering course; that we had installed before Christmas.  There is one course for Early years and Key Stage One children in Lower School and another course in Upper school, for Key Stage Two.  We had great fun and we can't wait to do it all again next week.


Autumn 2

This half term our is Heim.  This topic is all about Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions and settlements.  We will understand how they came to live in Britain and why they travelled here to settle.  Our science this half term is all about plants.



Curriculum Enrichment week - History

We began this half term, with a History curriculum enrichment week.  We have been finding out this week about The Great Fire of London.  One of our favourite activities was writing poetry about fire.




Our Christmas nativity was an absolute hit.  We had to make a  last minute change of main character, but that did put us off.  Our singing was amazing and we all remembered our lines.  We were brilliant!

Take a look at our photos of us in our costumes, by clicking on the gallery of good times above.





Autumn 1


Our topic this half term is Tomb Raiders!  We will be finding about the Egyptians and how they lived their lives many years ago.  Our science work is all about the human body and skeleton.


The Tree Of Life

We have been looking at "The Tree of Life"  by Gustav Klimt.  His paintings have tiny images like hieroglyphics on them.  We have made our own trees of life paintings.

Go to the good times page for more photos.






Egyptian Day

We had a fantastic time dressing up as Egyptians today and taking part in lots of lovely creative activities.  Have a look at our other photos in the Good times gallery.





A Gift For Cilla

Today Cilla received a special parcel; through the post.  Trilby class couldn't wait for her to open it and find out what was inside.  She had been a sent a special book from  friends at Kenilworth  Books.

Cilla and Bobby receive a parcel