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Year 4 - Panama 2021/22

Year 4 Panama 2021/22


Welcome to Panama Class!


We are Year 4 and our teacher is Miss K Preston. This half-term our topic is Journey through the Jungle and it is a geography topic all about the rainforest which is spread across multiple subjects, such as English in which our book is The Great Kapok Tree where we learn all about the problems with deforestation. In Science, we are learning about food chains which links with our knowledge of how deforestation can affect links within food chains. In maths we are learning all about properties of shape, including angles and types of shapes. There are plenty of resources online to help your child in Year 4 practice their knowledge of the different types of angles, linked below is one we have used in class! 





Tuesday - Swimming 

Friday - Orienteering 


Our last swimming lesson is Tuesday 5th July.  

Types of Angles Song.wmv

A great way to remember the different types of angles for geometry.