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Gallery of Good times

Summer 1

Please enjoy spending some time looking through our photos showing our action-packed learning at school!

Trading Activity

As part of our topic on rivers, we learnt about trading and played a game to help us to understand it. We were split into five groups and chose an envelope which contained some money. If we were lucky, we were wealthy but unfortunately, some of us were quite poor. We had to use the money to buy materials to make shapes with a set dimension. Money was knocked off the poor quality and inaccuracies. The country with the most amount of money at the end won. We really enjoyed it! 

Mouldy Bread

I'm really sorry for what you're about to see! In science, we've been focussing on classification and in particular, micro-organisms. We decided to explore this in more detail and chose a question to investigate:

1) Which surfaces contain the most amount of bacteria?

2) How effective is washing your hands with soap?

3) What are the best conditions for preventing mould?

We used slices of bread to investigate these areas. The results were pretty grim after three weeks...

Marshmallow Toasting

Out in our nature area, we lit an open fire and had a wonderful time toasting marshmallows. They were so delicious - crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside!


With Year 6 using our classrooms for SATs this week, it gave us the perfect excuse to spend the majority of our mornings outside in the nature area completing a whole range of activities. We have absolutely loved it (even though some of us suffered a few nettle stings!)

Friendship Bracelets

Whilst we were outside doing forest schools, we stopped to make some friendship bracelets. We have loved doing this! 

Abbey Theatre

We recently went on a school trip to Abbey Theatre in Nuneaton where we had a tour of behind the scenes as well as partaking in some drama activities. We learnt a lot and had a really good time!


As part of our topic about rivers, we learnt about the journey from source to mouth by going outside and creating a model to show the different features.

Express Yourself Day! 11/02/2022

Sewing seeds in the nature area

Maya Hot Chocolates!

Filtration Investigation- 14/01/2022

Bonfire Night November 2021

Great Fire of London- Capacity Work November 21