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Children’s mental health and well-being has been in the news and is something at Outwoods we take very seriously. With a range of issues surrounding social media, self-esteem, social mobility and diet among many others, it is clear that there is a nationwide concern emerging around children’s mental health.


What’s also apparent is that this issue is not specific to any particular age group, with children in primary schools, secondary schools and further education being affected.  Here at Outwoods we recognise that at different times and for different reasons things may be ‘tough’ for children. We have invested time and resources into training all of our staff on trauma and attachment issues and we are an 'Attachment Aware' school. 


We are always trying to think of new ways to support children’s mental health and the worries they may have, whether it be yoga, gardening club, nurture groups, breakfast club, early help assessments, liaising with parents/carers or simply providing time out for a child to speak to one of our Learning Mentors or a member of staff.   

Here are a few websites that may be useful to you and your child:


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       Family Information Service.

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