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Step Inside: The Gruffalo

We are enjoying the Gruffalo story at Nursery this week, why not share it at home too!
The magic house invites viewers to step inside and join Twinkle, Chloe and Boris for a story. Mr Mopple reads a story about a clever mouse who outwits a fox and an owl by convincing them that a scary monster lives in the woods.


The Gruffalo Storybook, song and video!

Owl Babies (Channel 4)

An animated story version of the book Owl Babies Includes highlighted text

How many items can you find beginning with ‘t’? We have found some at Nursery, can you find any at home?

🍁Leaf Man (Read Aloud books for children) | Storytime Lois Ehlert Autumn Miss Jill

🍄Have you ever looked at a cloud and thought it looked like something, like maybe a playful animal or giant dinosaur. The key to THIS story is to use your imagination. During the reading, pay attention to the leaves. If you look hard enough, you will see.

Puff the Magic Dragon

By Peter Yarrow & Lenny Lipton, a classic childhood favorite about growing up 💚🐉