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Gallery of Good Times - Summer Term

Topic launch - we started by listening to one of our Carnival songs: 'I do like to be beside the seaside' and playing a Kim's game with a range of items to help us guess what our new Topic is about this term. We guessed it linked to the seaside and plotted beaches on a map of the UK. Then we had a go at creating our own beach in a box.

STEAM week - today our challenge was to make something that would float. We set the following criteria: it should look like a boat, be able to hold a small duplo figure and float for 1 minute in a bowl of water. First we drew our deisgns, then made and tested them.

STEAM week - our focus this week is water. So we started by thinking about where water comes from and created our very own Water cyles in a bag.

Maths - we were using coins to explore different ways we could show the same amount of money. We then learnt how to write money as decimals.

Coronation Celebrations - We enjoyed dressing in red, white and blue, and creating collages of the King's head during our celebrations of the coronations of King Charles III.

Magnetic Poles - We learnt about magnetic poles and then used this knowledge to work out how to make a toy car move without touching it.

Trip - We went to the Black Country Museum to support us with our topic learning, Revolution. We went on a mine tour, watched a chain making demonstration and enjoyed visiting the many shops and houses. We had a great day!

Times table star of the month - she has been putting in so much effort and that has shown in the great improvement she has made to her soundcheck scores. Well done!

Industry - part of the success of the Victorian era was the development of the steam train. We were lucky enough to witness one go past on Tuesday afternoon the 'Sir Nigel Gresley'.

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Topic Launch - the children found themselves transported back in time as they came into the classroom after play time. They had their hands checked by a strict teacher, completed handwriting using chalk and then had to chant their times tables.