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Hi, we are the new Outwoods School Council for 2022-2023. 

We are all very excited to have been elected and can’t wait to get going with our work. We have lots of good ideas of ways that we can improve the school, such as fundraising activities, charity events and even exhibitions. We are very good at listening and have even thought of ways that your voice can be heard more in school.

When we stood for election, we told our friends that we were good role models, caring people, hard-working and responsible. We are proud that they voted for us. 

As well as working to make Outwoods even better, we are excited to be working with the council and meeting the Mayor. 

We can’t wait to make change happen! 





House Captains 2023-2024

House Captains 2022-2023




Hello, we are Birch House Captains.

Our Motto is -' Birch Is The Best - Forget About The Rest!'

Our winning song is 'We are the Champions'


Hello, we are Oak House Captains.

Our motto is' Someone will always remember acts of kindness you did in the past'.

Our winning song is 'Sweet Caroline'.


Hello, we are Lime House Captains.

Our motto is 'Lime, Lime, We Don't Hide - We Shine' 

Our winning song is 'Don't Stop Me Now'

Hello, we are Ash House Captains.

Our motto is -'Every Act of Kindness Never Gets Wasted'

Our winning song is ' Don't Worry, Be Happy'



Hi, we are the Outwoods Ambassadors!

We are chosen in July every year by our class teacher and teaching assistant. We are children who are role models in school and always follow the Outwoods Way. 

During our time as Ambassadors we empower children to act responsibly and take every opportunity given. We help to arrange charity events and organise fundraising-like the school discos and film nights. We also help Mrs Taylor decide what to focus on in assemblies and make sure that children feel supported in school and on the playground.

We are very proud of our role and have a very important job to do!

Gender Champions



As your Gender Champions, our aim is to make Outwoods Primary School a place where everyone is equal and we all enjoy the same opportunities.

No one is judged upon their gender and we will challenge any gender stereotypes that may arise.

Mental Health Warriors



Our team of Year Six Mental Health Warriors are an integral part of our positive mental health support and provision in school.


The group form part of our pupil voice team who work with school staff to have a significant impact and influence on our school and the experiences and outcomes for children.


The Mental Health Warriors are passionate about ensuring positive mental health and wellbeing are promoted across the school and they are helping school staff to continually develop and improve everything they already do to support pupil’s emotional wellbeing.


The team have helped to plan the recent World Mental Health day events in school and they will continue to be involved in organising events such as these that recognise and promote positive mental health.


The children are keen to support their friends around school through the use of ‘calm boxes’ and they will be working with staff to ensure pupil’s voices and opinions around mental health are heard and responded to throughout the academic year.