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Spring 1

We have absolutely LOVED creating our Andy Warhol inspired printed images. We chose a different artist from the past 70 years to have as our focus. We first sketched them and then used that sketch to print their image onto polystyrene stencils. We then chose different colours we wanted to use to print and reprint our image.

Flat Caps have been enjoying their forest schools sessions on Thursday afternoons. We have been learning some den making skills and having fun outdoors!

We have been enjoying learning to play Ukulele! We have been learning how to hold a ukulele, how to pluck the strings and simple strumming patterns.

We re-enacted a part of our class book where an evil goblin put curses on the princess

In Science we have begun looking at how sound is made through vibrations. We listened to and saw the vibrations made by guitar strings, tuning forks and triangles.

We had an incredibly fun topic launch where we have begun looking at music through the decades. We held a mini-disco where we played songs from each era, while learning about the history behind each decade. We looked at old album covers and created our own!