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Library Visitor

As part of our love for reading,  we were very lucky to have a special visitor to class when Gail from Atherstone library came to visit us.


Gail had a very busy session and read us the story of 'Peace at last' which is about Mr Bear who struggled to get a good nights sleep because of all of the noises he could hear in the different areas. Gail also told us the story about 'Goldilocks and the crocodiles' which confused us a little bit as we thought the story was about Goldilocks and the three bears, but it was very good.

As well as reading stories which Gail had brought from the library, she also taught us some songs to sing with some actions.

Everyone appeared to really enjoy Gail coming to see us and we discussed how it would be nice to visit the library and maybe see her, but definitely to see all of the amazing books which she told us about.