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Kids Matter

Every 8 weeks we invite a group of parents into school to take part in our Kids Matter sessions. 


Parents have the opportunity to chat informally over a cup of tea and pastry about topics including routines, rewards, behaviour and love language.


Some of our parents said...

"Everyone is welcoming and it’s good to know other people who are going through the same thing as you and won’t judge you."


"This isn’t like any other parenting course. In these small sessions parents can open up and not be judged. They feel safe and we all share our parenting ideas. These sessions have been so helpful."


"Rachel Bird is super at explaining about each of the subjects covered. She is a very good listener and doesn't judge. The information and techniques I got from the course is fantastic."



"I now ask why more when it comes to my child's behaviour, and I am thinking through how to respond rather than react. As a mum who has a SEN child, I have found Kids matter has helped with strategies for myself regarding him as he struggles to communicate and some things I have learnt at kid matter has helped me with him as well as his siblings."


"I am reacting more positively and have a better perspective on things with my parenting. I have learnt to take a step back and have a calmer approach and pick my battles better."


"Kids matter has helped me establish more routine and I now have got a firmer approach in my parenting where before I didn't have the energy to give boundaries and I was very lenient, now with making changes in routine and giving my child more physical touch I have found his behaviour has been better." 


"Kids matter has helped me listen more to my child; we have more routine happening in the home which has helped. I am putting into practise more positive approaches when she has challenging behaviours rather than shout . We both take time away to calm down , I am not shouting, she is lashing out less and she comes back more calmly and says sorry."