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Coronation Celebrations!

Rock Steady                  

The children were very excited today, when Ben came in to showcase the Rocksteady band workshops. There was lots of clapping and joining in - especially when our superstars joined the band!   Your child can sign up to band workshops on a Monday.

Check out the children rocking the drums, keyboard, electric guitar and vocals -

Freshly Squeezed

On Friday, the School Council worked hard raising money for Mrs Bird's London Marathon charity Rett UK.

They made and displayed posters, then sold their own home-made lemonade in school. It was very popular!

'It was actually really nice!' Hart

'It's a bit sour,' Tyler


From our non-uniform day and lemonade sale we are over the moon to confirm we raised a total of £425.99 for an amazing cause!

Thank you again for your support - we couldn't do it without you!

Revolution Topic

Year Four had a great time launching our Revolution topic about the Victorians. We found the strict classrooms intimidating (but fun) and really had to concentrate on our handwriting so we didn't make any mistakes. In the afternoon, we were lucky enough to see a steam train pass, before we became historians and found out about the Victorians by looking at a range of resources. We've had a great day!

'It was really funny when Mrs Bloomer was a strict teacher.' Thomas


'It was difficult to write with my right hand when I'm really left-handed.' Abigail

'The steam train was so loud! It went past really quickly.' Sofia

It's all GO at Gardening Club!

'Mad March Hair' in aid of The Little Princess Trust!

SUPER Science in Year One!

Today, we really enjoyed learning about our five senses with a variety of objects and foods. We explored sweet and savoury foods, different sounds and objects with varying textures.

We loved being senses scientists!

Year 5 'Easter' Orienteering!

With a chocolate treat for everyone who solved the clues!

Young Writers

Well Done to all of the children who entered the Young Writers Winter Wonderland competition in KS1, they have decided to publish all of the entries! What a fantastic result! 

Miss Ryan

Atherstone Library

Flat Caps have been for another visit to Atherstone library. We enjoyed taking part in a quiz, exploring and reading books and listening to stories. 

Dental Chat

On Wednesday, the children in year 4 were very luck to have a visit from one of our parents who is a dental nurse. We enjoyed discussing what we have learnt about teeth and being reminded of how and why we should look after our teeth.

Year One enjoyed an informative fire safety visit from the local firefighters from Atherstone fire station today.

Year 1 - Space Centre Trip March '23

Year One enjoyed an exciting and informative visit to the National Space Centre. It was a wonderful start to their new Space topic!

Journey by Aaron Becker - March 2023

To celebrate World Book Day our whole school completed a week long project on the picture book- Journey- We loved it!

World Book Day 2023

Our Year 6 Girls Football Team ...

...took part in an indoor tournament today in Kingsbury. They played 3 games and came 2nd overall!!

We are so proud! They play again in 2 weeks time. 

'Year Two performing their Penguin Poems.'

Class Share!


...have had a lovely morning in the sun today. We wrapped up warm and used the orienteering course to practise our times tables. 

Year 4 - Flat Caps

For PE we did Orienteering. We had to use our mapwork skills to find points around the school grounds and answer times table themed questions. Our teamwork was great with 6 groups successfully finishing all 25 questions, getting them all correct - well done!

Key Stage 2 Christmas Performance (a little later than planned!)

Christmas Fun in Year 4!

Christmas Fayre - KS1 Choir Performance

The key stage one choir sang beautifully at the Christmas Fayre on Friday - we are all so proud of them for giving such a wonderful performance!

Baking Bread

Flat Caps created bread to please the Roman emperor. We used our maths skills to weigh and measure ingredients and then we learnt about kneading and proving. The bread we made was delicious!

Year One are Helping the Hedgehogs!


In year one we have been learning about woodland animals and their habitats this week. We found out that hedgehog numbers are declining because their habitats are being damaged or even destroyed.

So, we decided to help our hedgehogs! 

Today we designed and made hedgehog homes - thinking about all the features the homes would need to keep the hedgehogs safe, warm and camouflaged.

The children really enjoyed creating these super homes and they did a fantastic job - well done year one!

Flat Caps 

As part of reading our class book 'The Fatal Fire', we sat around our firepit to read the next part of the story. We put paper cubes at edge of the fire, imaging they were the houses in the story to see how the fire spread. It was fascinating to see how quickly the houses caught light. We wrote lots of phrases from our experience, such as 'lingering smoke', 'flames danced like ballerinas' and 'crackling like popcorn'.

Year one have enjoyed a super start to the new school year...

We have been exploring our school and writing information posters.

We have to learning about seasonal changes and looking for the signs of Autumn.

This week we’ve had an exciting delivery from the Jolly Postman! We can’t wait to find out more about him and his friends!😁

New School Year - 2022/23

Year 2 Beach day!

Year 2 have had fun doing their first beach day activity this morning! We have been playing in the water, building in the sand and enjoying some beach games. 


As part of our current topic on the rainforest we have been learning about the different layers of the rainforests. Miss Cope and Miss Maddocks set the children a homework project to create a rainforest in a box showing the different layers and some of the animals that live within them.


We have been BLOWN AWAY by the incredible rainforests the children have made! Here are some children showing off their amazing creations!