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Gallery of Good Times

The Kings Coronation! The Nursery children enjoyed creating some flags and crowns to decorate and made some jam sandwiches before having a little party in the Nursery garden to celebrate the Kings Coronation together.

Happy Easter! The Nursery Children have enjoyed taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt and counting how many eggs we had found. We have created Easter cards using our own finger prints and written messages inside. We have also enjoyed making Easter bonnets and wearing them whilst singing some Easter songs, in a short performance to our families. Well Done Nursery!

Daffodils in Spring! We have been observing signs of Spring and taken an interest in the Daffodils we are observing as they emerge all around us. We have looked carefully at the roots and bulbs and even had a go at planting our own. We have looked carefully at the daffodils opening in the vase and drawn and painted the flowers too!

Chatter Matters Welly Walk 2023! The Nursery children invited their family on a welly walk (whatever the weather) and it snowed! Lots of grown ups joined us on a special walk and talk around our large school field in the snow and it was magical!

A visit from Atherstone Library. We shared lots of books and rhymes together before being given a special good bag each and learning how we can join the library.

We have made baked our own Gingerbread People!

Red Nose Day 2023

Nursery have enjoyed reading 'Journey' with the rest of the School! We have explored the story in our outdoor area and small world provision.

World Book Day 2023 Nursery enjoyed dressing up as their favourite character, discussing their favourite books and some children enjoyed creating a book in a box, whilst other children created stick men after listening to the stick man story. Well done Nursery!

Mental Health Awareness Day 2023. Nursery donated £1 each and dressed to express themselves to raise awareness and funds for Mental Health Awareness Day. We found that dancing made us feel happy and we explored different types of music, finding that some slower music made us feel sad and some faster music made us excited! We took part in some yoga activities and talked about the different things that make us feel happy and the things we can do to cheer ourselves up if we feel sad.

Celebrating Chinese New Year!

Fantastic Fun with Foam! The children explored the dry soap flakes and then discovered what happened when they mixed the soap flakes with water! The foam was fascinating to the children as they whisked, scooped and tried to pour it! They discovered that it did not pour easily like water and that they had to push it through the funnel an when it came through they said it reminded them of Ice Cream!

All Creatures Great and Small! The Nursery children were so excited to meet and handle the animals when they came to visit us at School as part of our Topic! WOW!

Nursery have had a special visit from Santa this week! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Nursery took part in Christmas jumper day to raise money for a charity called Save the Children.

The Nursery Children have really enjoyed taking part in the activities relating to Children in Need. We rolled out the icing and decorated a cupcake with spots and then enjoyed eating them all up! We have enjoyed helping Pudsey to find his spotty bandana during the story and we even went on a Pudsey bear hunt around Nursery. We especially enjoyed dancing with Pudsey! Thank you for taking part and dressing up to raise money for Children in Need.

Remembrance Day

"Poppies" on CBeebies - Children's Remembrance Day 2 Minutes' Silence Alternative

This week the children have taken part in the whole-school enrichment week about David Attenborough. Our special area to focus on was called, 'Life in Colour.'

We shared a short story to explain who David Attenborough was and what he had done to educate us about animals and our natural world.

The children have enjoyed exploring colour and mixing colours together to create new colours using their hands.

The children have been interested in the way in which animals use their colours to camouflage and confuse predators, in order to survive.

The children have explored pattern as they looked closely at stripes and spots and sorted animals according to their colours and patterns during special learning time.

The children explored pattern further as they got creative with stripes and spots as they printed zebra and leopard patterns in the art area. The Nursery children really enjoyed building up the different layers of their abstract art using paint, rollers, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, pompoms and buttons before finally finishing with a special glaze to give the wonderful work a special shine!

We followed Sir David on an interactive adventure using the smart board and the children helped him to find the rare Gorilla!

We have also pretended to be David Attenborough as we walked through the Nursery jungle and used our binoculars to find different types of animals hiding! The children had fun naming the animals they found and making their sounds.

What a wonderful and busy week we have had!

CBeebies Storytime | David Attenborough's Adventures - 7 Minute Story

It's Storytime! Watch this playthrough of David Attenborough reading David and The Gorilla Quest on the Storytime app... Head on an adventure to the mountains of Africa and help David Attenborough on his search. Take a look at the CBeebies' apps: Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun, games and videos for your pre-schooler in a safe child friendly environment.

David Attenborough Enrichment Week - Life in Colour

We have had lots of fun learning about Autumn!