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16th June


Continue to build your maths fluency by playing TT Rockstars.

Play here:

TT Rockstars



Keep learning how to spell the Year Two Common Exception Words. Here is a colouring sheet to help you focus. You could challenge yourself by using the words in an underwater story.



Enjoy reading in three interesting places this week and send us a photo.

Common exception Word Colouring

10th June


We have now launched TT Rockstars as your children prepare to move to Key Stage Two.

Play here:

TT Rockstars



We have been looking at some more tricky trigraphs. Make word trees with as many air and igh words as you can find.

Start with these: fright, frighten, frightening, air, hair, chair.



We have been learning about the countries and seas of the United Kingdom. Why don't you find out more? You might look at photos, maps, books or even Google Earth.

20th May


We continue to build our fluency in maths - play Numbots to help here.

You might want to challenge yourself to learn how to tell the time.



We have been looking at some tricky trigraphs, and then what happens when we add suffixes to these words.

(Suffixes like -s, -es, -ed, -ing are found at the end of words).

Can you play with these words in some silly sentences?

buzz- buzzes, boxes, foxes, grapes, fusses, fixes, mixes, itches, hedges, badges, wages


Life Skills

We continue to learn about keeping healthy and this week's focus is keeping safe in the sun. Watch this Slip, Slap, Slop, Wrap video.   

13th May


We have been revising our times tables and this week your child will bring home a sheet to use. You might also like to play the times tables quiz on Hit the Button. Most children are learning their 2x, 5x and 10x tables while others are now working on their 3x and 4x tables. Remember to really know these ones well before you move on to other tables, so you have quick and accurate recall.



We are learning about homophones which are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. Again, your child has a sheet with a game on it. I find it useful to draw pictures with the words to help visualise each spelling with its meaning.

Here is a link to BBC Bitesize.


Life Skills

We continue to learn about keeping healthy and this week's focus is on making exercise fun. Why don't you and your family dance silly dances with the Radio Dance Through the Decades podcast?


Read every day. Whilst you are reading, be a text detective and look for words that describe a character. Add these to your word collections.



We have been looking at spelling words with the tch trigraph in.

Add s or es to the end to change the words, then put them into a sentence.

The horse jumped over twenty ditches around the field.

Ditch, fetch, hitch, stitch, switch, twitch



Blue book:

Mid-Year Revision, pages 259 - 262.


Yellow book:

Review 7, pages 139 - 140


You might also want to play Numbots again!

29th April


Look at the igh  trigraph - three letters that make the sound 'I'. How many words can you find that have the igh  trigraph in? Can you grow the words by adding suffixes at the end or by changing one letter?

If I can spell fight, I can spell fright - and frighten - and frightening - and frightened.

If I can spell light, I can spell slight - and blight - and lightening and also enlighten.

Here is a video of a teacher showing you how to blend igh  to read words as well.

Using the igh trigraph



There are two parts to your maths homework this week:

Part one is to continue building your maths fluency by playing Numbots. Don't forget that we will be giving out housepoints to children who work hard!

Part two is measuring. We have been measuring in centimetres and I have attached a link to remind you how to do it.

How to measure

Measure things around your home. Can you find something EXACTLY 7cm, exactly 10cm and exactly 22cm long?

Draw a line that is 6cm long and one that is 15cm long.

Extension: draw a house and measure the lengths of each side.


This week, you will be using your maths homework books again.

Yellow Books: pages 49 - 56 and 90 - 91

Blue Books: pages 29 - 34 and 171 - 174

Please return your book in time to mark it on Thursday 28th May.


Remember reading is a key part of our learning in Year 2 - please read with your child every day.


Here is a game to help you improve your spelling.



Here is a poem for you to learn. Ladybird.