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Gallery of Good Times - Summer Term

At Outwoods School we absolutely love reading! We particularly love sharing a good book with our friends! 

Today we had the exciting opportunity to share a book with our friends in Year 1 in the sunshine smiley

Botanical Gardens Visit

Today we started the Summer term with the launch of our new topic about rainforests. We had a visitor in school who shared lots of different animals with us, that live in the rainforest and some of us (who were brave enough) got to hold them.

Jubilee Crafts - Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed inviting our family in to help us create jubilee crafts. We created flags for the countries that are part of the commonwealth realm. The queen is the monarch of all of these 16 countries!

DT - Romanian Fry Bread - We adapted the usual recipe for Romanian Fry Bread to create our own cheesy bread. Some of us liked the flavour more than others!

Melting - In science, we investigated what would make chocolate melt more quickly. We found out that warmer water, smaller pieces and more water make the chocolate melt quicker.

Maths - We used place value grids and counters to help us understand how to divide by 10 and 100.