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We are starting to introduce the children to Times Table Rockstars. It is a maths fluency game that tests children's recall of times tables. Children in year two should know fluently the 2s, 5s, and 10s, with some moving onto 3s. Please allow children time to play the game daily to build up recall! The website can be found at this link - or you can download the app from the app store!


The login for this website is found in their maths homework books and is the same login details as Numbots!


Maths Homework

Week 2

Homework goes out on 10.01.23

Pages - 31-36

Homework hand in day 16.01.23


Week 3

Homework goes out on 17.01.23

Pages - 37-41

Homework hand in day 23.01.23


Week 4

Homework goes out on 24.01.23

Pages - 41-45

Homework hand in day 30.01.23


Week 5


Homework goes out on 31.01.23

Pages - 46-50

Homework hand in day 6.02.23


Week 6

Homework goes out on 7.2.23

Pages - 50-54

Homework hand in day 13.02.23


Spelling Homework


Week 2


Homework goes out on 9.01.23

Test day 13.01.23


Week 3

Homework goes out on 16.01.23

Test day 20.01.23


Week 4 

Homework goes out on 23.01.23

Test day 27.01.23


Week 5 


Homework goes out on 30.01.23

Test day 3.2.23


Week 6


Homework goes out on 6.2.23

Test day 10.2.23

Spring 2


Maths Homework


Date handed out: 28.2.23

Pages: 55-59

Date handed in: 6.3.23




Spelling Homework


Date handed out: 6.3.23

Date of test: 10.3.23