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Spring 2

English - we looked at the illustration in the book and discussed whether or not Leon should step into the magic. We created a conscience alley and gave reasons for why Leon should or shouldn't enter the box.

Circus skills - we were lucky enough to have a visit from circus performers and we got to have a go at a range of activities just like the characters in our book got to see in 'Leon and the Place Between'.

Science - we were given the challenge: how can we bend light? we explored a range of different materials and found that we could use reflective materials to change the direction that the light was going in.

Maths - we have been learning how multiply 2 digit numbers by a one digit number using the formal method. We found it tricky but we didn't give up!

Tunes day - We look forward to this every week in our class.This week we were nominated to share our thoughts on our school Facebook page. We couldn't help but sway, click our fingers or clap to the rhythm. 'It made me think about being at a supermarket, grabbing my groceries off the shelves,' said Jude. 'It was a groovy tune,' said Beatrice. 'I liked the jazzy style,' said Willow. 'I thought about being in field picking fruits and dancing along. I could hear the bass,' said Reggie. Here's a show of hands of who really liked it:

Topic Launch part 2 - we explored different types of lights, thinking about natural sources of light, such as the sun to man made light sources, such as torches. We discussed how we can see objects because of light.

Topic launch - we had another great first day back! We studied a lovely illustration from our new book and found that it included a circus. We listened to 'Entry of the Gladiators' and had a go at our own version of 'circus skills' - tight rope walking, stilt walking, juggling and much more!