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Parachute Fun

We have really enjoyed our PE sessions in the hall, where we have been using the parachute to demonstrate how we work as a team. 


We worked really hard to listen to the instructions and work together to keep the balls up in the air without letting them fall off the parachute. Sometimes we had to make the parachute low and other times we had to raise it as high as we could.  What was important was that we listened to each other and made sure we moved the parachute at the same time. 


As the teachers were really impressed with our listening skills we made a Parachute tent and we all threw the tent in the air and then raced to sit on the parachute bottom before the air escaped. We managed to made a gigantic tent.  Finally we had great fun playing a game of cat and mouse where the mice could run and hide under the bottom of the parachute and the cat had to 'catch' them on the top. Some of our mice were really sneaky and were able to move around for ages before the cat was able to find them!