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Autumn Gallery of Good Times

Year Four Egyptologists explored ancient Egypt, looking for relics that could tell us about the Egyptians. We explored underground tunnels, where we found clues on the roof and walls. We dug in the sandy desert and chipped away at sandstone cliffs, hoping to uncover the secrets of the past. Once we found artefacts, we used textbooks and the internet to find out about them. Look how busy we were!

Our first TT Rock Stars Champion- practising for five minutes every day!

We have been learning about Ancient Egypt in lots of different ways. We have learnt how to write our names in hieroglyphics, and made a stunning, golden cartouche. We have tried moving great blocks of stone to build our pyramids (okay - so we used children on a desk), and have made a timeline to explore just how very far back 4500 years is!,

In science and Life Skills, we have been looking at healthy lifestyles. We have investigated the different food groups and looked at how to make a balanced diet. Did you know that over a third of a bottle of ketchup is sugar? A healthy lifestyle involves diet, exercise, sleep, fresh air and mental wellbeing.

Learning to dance like an Egyptian! We have thought about our Egyptian poses and worked with partners to make a canon.