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Forest School is a specialised learning approach, led by qualified practitioners within our setting and at Outwoods we are very proud of our two Forest School areas which have been developed for both our KS1 and KS2 children. 


Forest School promotes child-led exploration of the natural world through practical activities, hands-on experiences and play. It helps children gain independence, confidence, build self-esteem and improve social skills and during their sessions children will also develop a respect for nature, for others and for themselves. All of which will benefit them in the classroom and beyond. 


We endeavour to go outside throughout the seasons and in all weathers, but obviously this is not possible all of the time. 


We are a Hog Friendly School! 


Hedgehogs are one of Britain’s best-loved mammals, but have declined by so much that in  July 2020, they were officially listed as Vulnerable to Extinction on Britain’s IUCN Red List.


There are many reasons for this drastic reduction in numbers including: plastic litter, road traffic, the use of poisons such as slug-killers, a lack of water and of natural food such as slugs and beetles and a lack of unconnected habitat.  Unfortunately most of these threats are created by us humans.  


We want to make positive changes for hedgehogs and other local wildlife so, in 2022, we signed up to become a Hedgehog Friendly School!