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Autumn 2

Chile Week

Hispanic Week - This week, we have taken part in our school Hispanic week. We have been learning all about Chile. We have enjoyed tasting traditional food, having a go at flamenco dancing (with fans we made ourselves) and completed artwork to look like the street art commonly found in Santiago. We have had a lot of fun!

We learned some flamenco dance moves and made our own fans to move with the music

My arrangement of Malagueña on my signature Flamenco guitar, made in Spain. Learn it here: This popular theme originally written by Cuban pianist Ernesto Lecuona has been interpreted many times by many guitarists. For my arrangement, I put together material from Sabicas and of my own.

Arroza con leche

We prepared a number of fresh fruits to add to our rice pudding dish - pineapple, oranges, kiwi, grapes and mango to name a few.

We looked at examples of street art in Chile. We worked with our friends to try and copy the style of the Chilean artists - Here are some examples of our Chilean street art. Do you like them?

Street Art

We met Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson spoke to all the Year 5 children about being kind and positive to each other. He asked the children to view the video (see below) and discuss the power of being kind.

Samsung Turkey - Video call center for hearing impaired

This Samsung commercial from Turkey might be the most emotional ad of 2015. Credits: Samsung Turkey Please visit and subscribe to to watch more amazing commercials from around the world.



We looked at measuring weight and mass using a Newton scale.

  • Weight is how strongly gravity is pulling an object down. It is measured in newtons (N).
  • Mass is how much matter (or ‘stuff’) is inside an object. It is measured in kilograms (kg).

The work of Sir Isaac Newton | Primary Science - SciTube

Suitable for teaching 7 to 11s. This vlog style film explores the work of Sir Isaac Newton as a physicist and astronomer, and how he made one of his biggest discoveries - gravity. Subscribe for more Physics clips from BBC Teach on Wednesday when we have them in: If you found this video helpful, give it a like.

Science Experiments

Can you remember the tests and what you were finding out?

HO,HO,HO..Holiday....Merry Christmas