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Gallery of Good Work Summer '24

Summer 2


The children discovered that our new learning will be about...


The Stone Age




Science - In science we have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes. We explored how we could make a reaction stronger and last for longer using baking soda and vinegar or lime juice.

Design Technology: In D.T, we have been learning about Mayan foods. We tasted and created dishes based on the Mayan diet.

Maths - Having learnt about angles and perimeter, we investigated the shapes we could make with rectangles - working out the perimeters and the angles within them. 

Art - We studied the work of Banksy. We reflected upon his work and discussed what the message of his work could be about. 

Bowlers then tried to create their own Banksy inspired art. First they sketched their idea, then they tried to make the stencil. Here are some of their designs - Can you tell what the message behind the art is?

(pictures to follow)

Science -  We were introduced to Carl Linnaeus and the role he played in the classification process of all living things. 

We studied microorganisms and learned there are  five types of living microorganisms :bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and protozoa.

Classification:  The Children created their own creatures and designed posters to explain how they know its classification. Do you like the creatures? Can you guess the classification?

Geography: The children  looked at the features of rivers and how they transform our landscape. The children studied our local river, the River Anker, and discovered the source  of the River Thames.

We went on a field trip to the Anker. At the river we studied the current, looked for meanders, measured the speed of the river, played Pooh sticks and sketched the surrounding area. 

Rivers from source to mouth

Follow a tributary of the River Esk from the source to the mouth. A perfect introduction to rivers geography for KS2 pupils.

River Thames from source to mouth

This video impression is part of the reports about the River Thames in the online magazine Travelling along Rivers (