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Autumn 1

Orienteering quiz - to finish our Tomb Raiders Topic we searched for questions around our school grounds testing all the things we had learnt about the Egyptians.

Forests Schools - we spent the afternoon outside exploring our nature area working with Miss Beard & Mrs Westwood.

Computing - we compared what it was like to make something in real life to using technology and discussed which we thought was easier and why.

English - we have been writing information 'All About Cats', including why the Egyptians thought cats were important.

History - this week in our topic lesson we were learning how to be archaeologists, crawling through tunnels, chipping away at 'stone' (a very delicious cake!) and digging in sand. We then did some research about what we found.

History - we had a look at the type of equipment the Egyptians may have been able to use to build the pyramids. We think it would have been extremely difficult for them!

P.E. - in our dance lessons we have started to think about different shapes, looking at sources of the Egyptian poses.

School Council Elections - the votes are in and our winners were Rosie and Reggie! Congratulations! You will be fantastic School Councillors for Fedoras.

Orienteering - we played a game called 'Silly faces', using our teamwork skills to copy a diagram and make a silly face with the PE equipment.

Maths - we have been recapping our place value knowledge, making numbers up to 1000 using base 10.

Topic launch - we also did some Art during the day of Egyptian cats.

Topic launch - we were history detectives studying a picture, trying to figure out when and where we thought it might be from. We discovered that it was the Ancient Egpytians and then made a cartouche, carving our initials in hieroglyphics (Egpytian writing).

Number Day - We started Year 3 by completing a 100 square puzzle, a dice investigation and many games - discussing strategies of the best ways to win. We had a great day!