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Spring Gallery of Good Times

This week at Atherstone library, we have found our way round the different sections finding clues to help us solve a problem. Last week, four children from Year Four represented Outwoods at the Y4RC, where they won the quiz!

Dental Nurse Visit - One of our parents in a dental nurse. She came in to remind us about how to look after our teeth. She was very impressed by our knowledge of teeth. We enjoyed learning about how the science we are learning can be used as part of a job.

Some of the work we did yesterday. We are always so busy in class!

For World Book Day, Panamas had a great time sharing books with Willy Wonka at Atherstone library. We loved the fabulous stories that our librarian, Gail, had to tell and then enjoyed browsing the different sections of the library.

In DT, we have used our skills to build strong structures. We measured pieces of wood to cut a length, then cut it with a saw, before sanding off the rough edges. We then used a glue gun and cardboard braces to secure and strengthen the joints. We loved working with our friends to do this.

Congratulations to our latest Times Tables Rock Star who is working really hard on learning all of her times tables.

When I asked the children to make a Titanic for a project, I was amazed by the effort everyone put in. We had lights, lifeboats, underwater scenes, handrails and passengers. Well done everyone! After the Boat Vote today, your winners will be announced in assembly tomorrow. You all voted on design, detail, independent work and floatability.

In Panamas, we often play calm music, a virtual aquarium or nature scenes to keep us grounded during the day.

We were very excited to see the Atherstone Ball Game celebration ball for this year, commemorating the coronation of King Charles!

Real PE is fun! We have practised our ball skills with a partner.

In DT, we have been learning about building sturdy structures and this week we have used braces and struts to strengthen a frame.

Music Lessons - Some of our year 4s have been enjoying their keyboard lessons.

In DT, we have been building strong, tall structures using straws. We have experimented with different ways of joining straws and we found that a strong, secure base is the key to a solid structure.

Panamas were so proud to share their work with their families today and we really enjoyed showing off our books. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us in class - we even found some older siblings!

Writing algorithms in computing gives the computer a set of instructions to run a program. This week, we have looked at repeating patterns. We have continued sequences and written our own repeated patterns to draw a square.

In Life Skills, we have been learning manners and how to treat people with respect. We enjoyed sharing Quavers to practise! It was funny to see how many of us shared them out like we do in maths, but now we know how to offer the packet.

Congratulations to our latest Times Tables Rock Star who has a totally green heatmap!

Panamas have had a lovely morning in the sun today. We wrapped up warm and used the orienteering course to practise our times tables.

In DT, we have investigated how pivots make levers work and have made some different mechanisms.

We had a class debate to explore the story in our class book.

We have been using our times tables to help us solve problems. Some of us can multiply three numbers together.

What can hats tell us about life in Edwardian times?

Christmas is Forever