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Berets enjoyed supporting Boaters with their times tables learning by showing them how to use TT Rockstars.

Reception parents were invited to an interactive Maths Mastery workshop. 

The aim was to provide parents with ideas and confidence in supporting their child in their early maths journey as well as offering an incite into how we can make maths more interactive in everyday situations. 

The event was very well supported and we thank those of you who were able to attend. 

Bluebells - this half-term we are learning about our bodies and how to keep healthy. For our launch day we learned about the importance of our wonderful NHS and became doctors and nurses for the day. We did some First Aid on each other, and even tried CPR on a cushion. In Forest School ,one of our toys had an accident so we had to create a stretcher for it. 

Panamas had a fabulous launch day for our new topic, Bright Lights, Big City.

We started off trying circus skills, such as juggling, balancing on the high wire, leaping through a ring of fire and balancing on the trapeze.

After that, we learnt about light and dark by experiencing lots of amazing light sources, and exploring whether you can see in the dark.

Back in class, we created two sensational masterpieces. The first one was a silhouette of bright lights and a big city, where we used metallic paint to make a shimmering sunset. In the second picture, we were inspired by Henri Matisse. 

"It was interesting using different mediums to layer the pictures." Alfie

"It was a really exciting day because we got to climb the climbing frame like a trapeze." Reece

"I liked it because everyone experienced all the activities whereas in an actual circus you just watch." Ollie

"I loved how we mixed up the colours in the different paintings." Tahlia

"I really liked our topic launch day because we used metallic  paints and cut out shapes and figure for the Matisse artwork." Alice

Year Two have worked incredibly hard on their writing - producing some amazing non-fiction pieces about Antarctica! 


They enjoyed sharing their 'All About Antarctica' information pages with their friends from year six today!

Panamas have been working collaboratively today, working with their friends to write a section of the story The Singing Ringing Tree. It has been really tricky writing from the evil goblin's perspective but we are very proud of our work.

January 2024



It is the RSPB's Big Annual Bird watch, which is taking place across the UK from 26th to 28th January. Hundreds of people across the country are collecting data for the RSPB about British Garden birds for scientific research. 


Bluebells have had a lovely morning completing their Big Annual Bird watch - who knew there were so many different birds flying around Outwoods. 

Panamas were excited to receive post from Edinburgh today. We can't wait to find out more about the capital city of Scotland, and we might even listen to some Scottish music.

Panama listened to Two Tribes on vinyl, then saw it on a video of Top of the Pops. Overall, they enjoyed it but said they would probably not choose to listen to it again.

"I like the rhythm and the way it sort of went, "Dum, dum, dah," It made you want to move." Alice

"I didn't really like it but the lyrics were slow in my head so I could hear the message." Tommy

"It was like 1980s music, like shouty and dancy," Peppi

Year 3 and 4 had a great start to term, taking part in a 'Disco through the decades' to launch our new Topic - Battle of the Bands. They enjoyed listening to different genres of music and dancing to them in different ways.

We had a special visitor....


Bluebells used a VR headset this morning to go for a sleigh ride in Lapland! IT WAS EPIC! 

Gardening Club

Making our outdoor space look more festive. 

Bluebells ....

....have been busy writing Christmas cards and invitations to our Christmas Fayre. We wrote them to members of staff and Cilla (of course). Yesterday we delivered our Christmas spirit to everyone around school. We had a wonderful time! 

Festivities around School!

Trip to the Panto for Year 2 - 6

Everyone had a great time at Beauty and the Beast. Here's a sneak peak at the cast!

Christmas Jumper Sale

Well done to the School Council who raised £50.05 selling Christmas Jumpers on Friday afternoon. Enjoy these pictures of the council getting ready for the sale, right up to our JOB DONE photo at the end of the day. We would like to thank the families who donated jumpers and contributions to make this a success!


07.11.23  -  Topic Launch Day for Year 3 & 4

We launched our new topic "Heim."  This topic is all about The invasion of Anglo-Saxon Britain by the Vikings. 

We had a visit from Erik the Viking who told us lots about the Vikings, when they came to Britain and why they came.  He showed us what kinds of clothes they would've worn and what they were made from.  We got to try on some of the clothes and uniforms of the soldiers.  The chain mail protection they wore was really heavy and so were the swords and spears.


Erik brought with him lots of interesting artefacts for us to look at.  He showed us how they would've made coins back then and one of us helped him to actually make coins.  We played a brilliant game, selecting different mystery artefacts and trying to guess what they were used for.  The Vikings had some very clever tools for carving and cooking.


We talked about when the Vikings went to battle with the Anglo-Saxons and we discussed why.  Each class created battle cry/chant.  They were so good!

Nursery Enrichment Week

Hispanic Week - Tues 7th - Fri 10th November 2023

October 2023

Year Two enjoyed singing and reading poems at the Key Stage One Harvest Festival!