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Chinese New Year

January 2023


Our children have been learning all about Chinese New Year this week and discussing 'The Great Race'.  They have discussed the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac and how each animal was given a year named after them.  Everyone enjoyed recreating the story of the race and swooped like the dragon, paddled like the tiger and even managed to imitate the dog having a bath!

After everyone had watched some special Chinese dragon dancing, they decided it may be fun to have a go themselves.  The children draped themselves in brightly coloured red and gold material and moved around the areas whilst some of the children in the group played some instruments for the music. 

Finally this week, everyone has enjoyed a real treat of Chinese food.  Everyone tried some Chinese noodles, pancake rolls and prawn crackers whilst we had the opportunity to look at some real life extra special Chinese artefacts.