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Please make sure you are logging onto Collins e-books to read at home! All children have been given a log in to use and we add new books every week


Website can be found at

Maths Workbooks


Homework goes out on 4.10.22

Pages 1-4. 

Homework due in 10.10.22



Homework goes out on 11.10.22

Pages 5-8

Homework due in 17.10.22



Homework goes out on 18.10.22

Pages 9-14

Homework due in 1.11.22


Homework goes out on 8.11.22

Pages 15-18

Homework due in 14.11.22


Homework goes out on 15.11.22

Pages 19-22

Homework due in 21.11.22



Homework goes out on 22.11.22

Pages 23-26

Homework due in 27.11.22


Homework goes out on 29.11.22

Pages 27-30

Homework due in 5.11.22