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Summer Gallery of Good Times

In DT, we have been measuring, marking and cutting. We have been using these skills to create moving pictures for The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. Look at the basket moving along the wire from the headland to the lighthouse.

Today we have made a lunch basket for the lighthouse keeper. We used our DT skills to cut a hole so that he can choose different foods, and spun a circle of choice behind. Look out for that swooping seagull!

Boaters had a fabulous time on Beach Day when we were able to enjoy various activities we might find at the British seaside. We 'jumped the waves,' paddled, played in the sand and lounged in the sun. Some of us played badminton, beachball and volleyball, while others read and drew with chalk. We were all excited to hear Jolly Roger arrive with our ice-creams! The next day, we wrote fantastic postcards to Mrs Taylor. We are very proud of our writing now!

Boaters had a lovely treat at the end of the day when we listened to Paddington stories round the fire. It was a calming way to end a very busy week!

We were so proud when we heard that one of our great-grandads had been a guard at the Queen's coronation! Here are some photos of a very proud battalion, plus the commander's letter to the lucky soldier's parents.

We have been learning about the journey of water from the mountains to the sea. This week, our focus was on the physical features of a coast - and we made our own cake coasts!

Year 2 were really lucky to have a visit from Mr Porter today. As well as being Sachi's dad, he is a Marine Biologist! He spent time with us this morning sharing his experiences of diving around the world and studying the creatures that live below the waves. It was fascinating and the children learnt so much. We were all very interested in his knowledge and some of us decided we would like to train to do this exciting job! Thanks to Mr Porter for giving up his time today

Wow! Photos of one of the guards who served the Queen at her coronation, along with the letter sent to his parents notifying them that their son would be on duty for the coronation. One VERY proud great-grandson!