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DT - Cooking Topic

This half term, our DT topic is cooking. The children will be preparing and tasting a range of dishes. Please speak to your class teacher if there are any foods that your child cannot taste.


Week 1

This week the children followed a recipe to make dinosaur fossil biscuits. The children carefully measured the ingredients, mixed the ingredients altogether and used a rolling pin to roll our the dough carefully. We used a plastic dinosaur to print into the biscuits and then we cooked them in the oven. They were yummy!

Dinosaur Biscuits

Week 2

This week the children created dinosaur fruit pancakes! We cut our pancake in half to build the body, and then choose a range of different fruits to create our dinosaur's head, spikes and feet! We had so much fun making our dinosaur fruit pancakes, but even more fun eating them!

Week 3

This week we have made a sandwich caterpillar. We took turns to spread butter onto our bread and then added ham or cheese. Next we then used a circular cutter to cut out the caterpillar body shapes. We carefully used a knife to cut cucumber for our caterpillar feet. We used a tomato for his head and chocolate chips for his eyes. Our caterpillar is so long!!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Week 4

This week we have made rice crispy monkey cakes! We melted chocolate and carefully we stirred in the rice crispies. We then used a spoon to put the mixture into a cupcake case. We added a biscuit for the nose and ears. We enjoyed using the icing pens to draw on the nose and mouth and we added little eyes. They look so delicious! We cannot wait to eat them!

Week 6

This week we have made rice cake owls. We carefully used a knife to spread the peanut butter. Then we chopped banana into thin slices for the eyes. We dipped blueberries into peanut butter and put them onto the banana. Next we chopped the apple into slices for the wings, and chopped a chunk of carrot for the beak. We used cheerios to create a pattern on the owl's tummy.