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Year 3 - Trilby 2023/24

Welcome to the Trilby's Class Page!


Our teacher is Miss Maddocks and our teaching assistants are Mrs Peacock and Mrs Peake.


Our Staff



We are very creative in the Trilby class and our teachers love to use creativity to make learning memorable and bring learning to life.  We care about our friends and look after each other in the Trilby class.  As well as looking after Cilla our school cat,  when she visits us every day; we have another furry friend who is a member of our class too, smudge the rabbit.  We all work together to look after him.

Smudge - Our class rabbit


Cilla, our beautiful school cat



Important Information


P.E. days  

-   Monday and Wednesday.  Please remember to come to school wearing appropriate P.E. kit on  these days. white shirts, black shorts and school jumper.

Forest schools 

-  Alternate Wednesday  afternoons, beginning on 20/9/23.  Please bring wellies or old shoes and old clothes that you don't mind getting muddy.

Spelling test  

-  On Friday mornings.  Please practise your spellings each night upto the day of the test.


-  Sent home on Fridays. 


-  We read in class everyday,  so please remember to bring your reading book into school everyday.

   Try to read at home every day too.   We would also ask that the children read at home every day too.

TT Rockstars

 - Please use your login to practise your items tables at least twice a week.


Our topics this year are:


Autumn 1 -   Tomb Raiders!

Autumn 2 -   Heim

Spring 1 -   Battle of the bands

Spring 2 -  Bright Lights, Big City.

Summer 1 -  Virtual Europe

Summer 2 -  The Amazing Amazon




Summer Term 1

Welcome back to the Summer term 2024!  We hope that you've had a lovely two week break.


Our new topic is Virtual Europe.  We will be finding out about four European countries and comparing the weather and climate with England.

Our 4 countries are:

- Greece

- Austria

- Germany

- Italy


We enjoyed tasting foods from each country today - Yummy!

13.05.24 - Science, making switches

Today we explored how to make our own switches that we could use in an electrical circuit.

We are going to use these in our design and technology projects this week.

17.05.24 - Design and Technology.

This week we have been designing a night light for either ourselves, or a younger sibling.  We made our own lamps from card or boxes.  The designs were to match our own or our siblings rooms.  We had to put a working circuit inside with a bulb to make it light up.  We made our own switches to turn it on and off.


We are very pleased with them.


Spring Term 2


Welcome back to the second half of the spring term.  This term our topic is  "Bright Lights, Big City."

This is part of a cross-curricular topic about cities and Geography of the UK and also linking to light in Science.  Today we began our topic by exploring light and light sources.  We went into the discovery room exploring sources and experimenting in the dark cupboard with sources, lamps, glow sticks, candles, led lights and picture makers.  We had lots of fun.

Book Launch

We launched our new class text today too, "Leon and the place between"  by Grahame Baker-Smith.

We revealed that the book is going to be about a circus, by uncovering each part of the picture, one square at a time.  we tried to guess what the picture was of, based on the tiny parts we could see.  It was really exciting when we finally got to see what was underneath.

We're excited to get stuck into this new book tomorrow!

After revealing what our new class text was about, we went into the hall for a circus skills experience.  We walked  into the hall to the sound of "The March of the gladiators" - this is the original big top, circus tent music.  We tried out lots activities that might have been seen at the circus since circus's began.  We tried juggling and silk scarf tossing, hoola hooping, jumping through an imaginary ring of fire, high ropes, tight rope walking along benches, balancing on high bars and rings, climbing ropes and swinging on ropes like a trapeze artist.  We had such fun!




Spring  Term  1


Welcome back from our Christmas break. 

We hope you've had a lovely Christmas and we wish you a very healthy and happy new year.


We are kicking off the new year with a brand new topic and this term its all about the influence of music through the decades -  "Battle of the Bands".  We launched our topic today by dancing our way through the different decades of music from the fifties right through to the current day.  We found out about different genres of music and began to look at how what was happening in Britain at the time, influenced changes in music.



19.01.24  -  Art

We have been looking at the work of an artist called Andy Warhol.  He became famous in the sixty for his art work.  He was part of the Pop Art movement.  Today we began our own pop art project, linking our work to famous celebrities from the decades we have been looking at in our Battle of The Bands topic work.  We made detail pencil drawings of Elton John, Liam Gallagher and John Lennon.

We looked at how music used to recorded and played in years gone by.  We designed our own album cover for a CD or vinyl album.




01.02.24 - The Cups Investigation

In Science today we explored how sound can travel.  We use  cups and string to explore how sound can travel as vibrations along string to be be received by the ears.

We investigated which kind up cup amplified the volume of the sound that had travelled down the string to the cup we were using.

02.02.24  -  Live Music

Today we were treated to some live music from a parent who plays in a local band.  Mr Morewood took us on a musical journey through the decades.  There were some old greats and some of more recent tracks that we all knew and sang along to.  It was a really great way to end the week and get ready for the weekend  :) 

13.02.24 -  Investigating sound proofing

Today we investigated which materials were the best for sound proofing a room so that we don't upset our neighbours when we play our music loud!

We measured the distance between us and the sound of an object being dropped into a tin, whilst our ears were covered with different materials.  The best materials for sound proofing a room was the one which measured the shortest distance before we could no longer hear the sound we were testing.

We looked very strange carrying out this investigation!

Autumn Term  2

Welcome back to the second Autumn term.  We have kick started this very busy term with a creative arts week linking with modern foreign languages.   It's Hispanic week and the whole school has been finding out about Spanish speaking countries around the world.

07.11.23  -  Geography

Today we began exploring our focus Hispanic country, Argentina.  We loved using the atlases to find where in the world they speak Spanish and we talked about why there were so many countries that spoke Spanish that were no where near Spain!   We identified where in the world Argentina is and which continent it lies within.

We found out lots about Argentina and we wrote fact files to tell other children about the country.



This afternoon we looked at the Day of the Dead celebration which is celebrated in Argentina and other Hispanic countries.  We looked at the work of an artist who enjoyed painting Day of the Dead paintings called Diega Rivera.

We really liked the skull faces that people paint on their faces and the costumes they wear for the Day of the Dead parades, so we made our own sketches of skulls, which were very hard to draw!  We think we've done an excellent job using the shading techniques that we learnt last half term!

08.11.23  -  Sporting Legends

Today we talked about famous sporting people from Argentina such as Diego Maradona, Emiliano Martinez and talked about the amazing success that the rugby and football teams of Argentina have had recently.  We read a brilliant children's biography of Lionel Messi and then wrote our own biography of the football legend. 

Art - Painting

This afternoon we took inspiration from our work yesterday on The Day of the Dead celebrations.  We drew our own compositions and painted them.  We are so proud of our work.

09.11.23  - Just the best day!

Today we have a had a ball!  This morning we found out about Argentinian and Spanish foods and then Year 3 set to work, reading recipes and getting their bake on!

The Trilby class made Churros (the Spanish version of doughnuts) with a delicious chocolate dipping sauce.  The Flatcaps class made Day of the Dead bread, a sweet bread traditionally eaten during the Day of the Dead celebrations - it was delicious.  We made double the amount in each class so that we could share what we had made and we were able to tuck in to both.  we ate so much delicious food today -YUM!!!


This afternoon we were able to meet a lady from Spain.  She was a dancer and we looked at the art work of Salvador Dali, who was a Spanish surrealist painter.  We looked at one of his paintings about a dream he had and put movements to music on our own and with partners;  to create a sequence of movements linked to objects in his dream.  We learned a little about the background of the artist and the history to another painting by Pablo Picasso too.  It was a lot of fun being so creative to music.


14.11.23  -  Topic Launch Day

Today we launched our new topic "Heim."  This topic is all about The invasion of Anglo-Saxon Britain by the Vikings. 

We had a visit from Erik the Viking who told us lots about the Vikings, when they came to Britain and why they came.  He showed us what kinds of clothes they would've worn and what they were made from.  We got to try on some of the clothes and uniforms of the soldiers.  The chain mail protection they wore was really heavy and so were the swords and spears.


Erik brought with him lots of interesting artefacts for us to look at.  He showed us how they would've made coins back then and one of us helped him to actually make coins.  We played a brilliant game, selecting different mystery artefacts and trying to guess what they were used for.  The Vikings had some very clever tools for carving and cooking.


We talked about when the Vikings went to battle with the Anglo-Saxons and we discussed why.  Each class created battle cry/chant.  They were so good!

20.12.23  -  Fund Raising

Here are some photos of the Trilby class raising funds for our new playground selling jewellery and stationary in or Christmas shop.



Autumn Term 1

Welcome back to the new autumn term.  We hope you have all had a brilliant summer holiday. 

I'm looking forward to this term, teaching one of my favourite topics to the children in Trilby class. 

Tomb Raiders!  I wonder if you can guess what it's all about?



We launched our Tomb Raiders topic today.  The day was packed full of exciting activities where we began exploring .....The ancient Egyptians.  We had a great day exploring artefacts and creating some wonderful egyptian art.

15.09.23    -   If Cilla could talk .......

Today in English we explored the range of different question words and how to set out questions using a question mark when we write them.

We imagined that Cilla could talk.  We thought about what we might ask her and how she might reply to our questions.   We wrote questions that we would like to ask her and then we worked in pairs and took it in turns to be Cilla.  Our partners interviewed us to ask questions.  It was a lot of fun pretending to be Cilla!

20.09.23   -   English

Today was an exciting day for our class.  We have been reading the book "Six Dinner Sid" by Inga Moore and today we began writing our own versions of the story, changing "Sid" for our own beautiful school cat who also loves to eat as many dinners as she can!

22.09.23   -   Art

In art we have been finding out about the artist Gustav Klimt.  He painted a famous painting called "The Tree of Life."  We are beginning to explore his work, his style and his painting and today we began by making line drawings of trees from photographs in our sketchbooks.  Next time we are going to look at techniques for shading.

25.09.23   -   Smudge

Today we met our class rabbit.  His name is Smudge and he returned from his summer holidays today after spending the school holidays with Miss Maddocks at her house.

25.09.23   -   Egyptian Dance

Today in PE we have been exploring movement to Egyptian music, dancing like Egyptians.  We created movements with our partners and put them to music.

26.09.23   -   Topic work

Today we have been finding out about how the great pyramids were built in Ancient Egypt.  It was no easy task, as the children found out today.  We tried to replicate what it would be like to use hammers and chisels to cut huge blocks of stone from the rock, shape it into perfect  blocks of stone and then pull the huge heavy blocks up the steep sides of the pyramids to the top to lay them.  They did all that in extreme temperatures in the desert.

17.10.23  -  Egyptian Topic Day

We enjoyed an amazing day today dressed as Egyptians and explorers finding out about mummification.   We discovered the different steps to mummifying a body and just how long it took.  It took upto 70 days and there were many different stages involved.  We enjoyed Mummifying our classmate Zeke.  We took out his internal organs, but left in his heart and then we pulled out his brains with a hook!  

Mummifying Pumpkins

After we understood how to mummify a body, we worked in small groups to mummify a pumpkin.



Pharoah Selfies!

27.11.23  -  Orienteering

We finished off our Egyptians topic today with a quiz.  We used the orienteering course around school and the map reading skills we had been learning over the half term; to navigate our way around the course.  At each point on the map, the children had a question to answer.  We worked in pairs and had great fun!

28.11.23  -  Our finished pieces of art.

We have been looking at the artist Gustav Klimt this half term and his painting:  "The Tree of Life."

Here are our finished compositions, our own Tree of Life creations.