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School Opening Times

Our school day for Reception to Year 6 children starts at 8.30am. We have several gates to the school grounds - these are on Southlands, Bath Road and Fishers Walk. All gates are open from 8.20am. Children are to gather on their playground and their teacher will come out to meet them and walk them into class at 8.30am.


Nursery is open from 9am - 12noon/3pm, and children will enter from the Nursery gate entrance (just off the turning circle on Southlands).


All children are to be picked up at 3.00pm from their playground (gates open at 2.55pm). For younger children, the teacher will wait until your child can see you before letting them go.


Outwoods Primary School is open for 32.5 hours per week


Please contact us if you have any concerns or special requests regarding dropping off and picking up.

Tel: 01827 712372 or email