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Apparatus Fun

This half term our children have been using the apparatus in our Friday PE sessions. They have learnt how to stay safe on the apparatus and take it in turns to ensure everyone has a turn and they have been having great fun. 

Balance beam 


The children have used controlled movements along the benches and have moved forwards, backwards and sideways.  They have been able to choose the best ways to move across from one side to another either sitting, standing or lying. 

Climbing bars

We have a range of climbing equipment that the children can use in the sessions.  They all have different equipment attached which the children have to manoeuvre to get down; we have a balancing beam, a slide and a step ramp.


Some of the children were very confident when using the balance beam but were less confident with the high equipment. however everyone tried really hard and eventually they all gained their confidence to slide or step down. 

Floor mats 


The floor mats allow the children freedom to think about balancing and hold some poses.  As this is not a controlled activity with an end purpose some children can find it difficult to utilise the equipment, however our current reception children really embraced the activity and have been able to demonstrate lots of different movements.