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The Lonely Beast

Topic Launch

During assembly, someone came into our classroom and trashed it! Sombrero class returned to find tables turned over, chairs upside down, pencils and pens everywhere and muddy footprints all over our carpet!! We found an envelope containing a clue and we followed it to reveal another clue, and another, and another! At the end of our search we found a book. We read the story altogether and we realised that The Lonely Beast must have visited our classroom!

We are so excited to learn about The Lonely Beast.

Exploring jellyfish

Today we have read the part of the story where The Lonely Beast "walks through a garden of pink jellyfish."

We learned all about Jellyfish. Did you know that they have tentacles, they are soft, their mouths are on their tentacles and that they look and feel like jelly? We were so surprised to learn these facts! We felt the jellyfish top, (jelly) the tentacles, (spaghetti) and we looked at how they moved. We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the jellyfish and we have used adjectives to describe the way the jellyfish look, feel and move.