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Gallery of Good Times - Autumn Term

Christmas Fun - On the last day of the Autumn Term, we enjoyed playing some games at our class Christmas party.

November's Times table star of the month - he has been really trying hard to learn each times table that we have been practising.

For Maths Week England, Year 4 have started the week off by reading 'Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone'. A challenge was given in the story where the characters needed to know about nets, so we revised our knowledge of 3D shapes by exploring what nets make which shape.

Enrichment week - We are learning about Sir David Attenborough and his passion for nature and animals. We are focusing on Grasslands in Year 4 and conducted our own field study of the school grounds to see what we could find. We then presented our findings as a bar graph.

Making Bread - We designed and made bread that would please a Roman Emperor. We thought about how our design would be fit for purpose and the flavours we would use. We learnt about the processes of kneading and proving. We used our weighing and measuring skills to ensure we got our recipe right. All of our bread was very tasty!

Design Technology - we have been evaluating types of bread to see which product we liked best to help us create a bread of our own.

Using Number Skills - In maths, we played a game where we needed to use our addition, subtraction and rounding skills to try to get to 500 first. We developed tactics as we played.

October's Times table star of the month - improving her Soundcheck score by 8 points!

We have created fire poetry, after reading about the fire in our class book the Fatal Fire. We thought about the vocabulary that we used to create images in our poems.

As part of reading our class book 'The Fatal Fire', we sat around the firepit for the next part of the story. We put paper cubes at the edge of the fire, imaging they were the houses in the story to see how the fire spread. It was fascinating to see how quickly the houses caught light. We wrote lots of phrases from our experience, such as 'lingering smoke', 'flames danced like ballerinas' and 'crackling like popcorn'. These will help us to write our poems later in the week.

As part of our Topic work, we have been learning about how efficient the Roman army was. We had a go ourselves, marching and trying to create their impressive Testudo formation, which helped the Romans to defend themselves from the attack of their enemies.

Archaeology - To start our new topic we learnt about how we find out about life in the past. We discovered what an archaeologist does and had a go ourselves.