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Year 3 - Trilby 2022/23

Welcome to the Trilby's Class Page!


Our teacher is Miss Maddocks and our teaching assistants are Mrs Peacock and Mrs Peake.

We are very creative in the Trilby class and our teachers love to use creativity to make learning memorable and bring learning to life.  

We care about our friends and look after each other in the Trilby class.  As well as looking after Cilla our school cat,  when she visits us every day, we have a furry friend who is a member of our class too.  We all work together to look after him.



Meet the class

Our furry friend, Smudge.


Cilla, our beautiful school cat.




Important Information


P.E. days  -   Thursday and Friday.  Please remember to come to school wearing appropriate P.E. kit on  these days. white shirts, black shorts and school jumper.

Forest schools  -  Tuesday afternoons.  Please bring wellies or old shoes and old clothes that you don't mind getting muddy.

Spelling test  -  on Friday mornings.  Please practise each night upto the day of the test.

Homework  -  sent home on Fridays. 

Reading  -  We read in class everyday,  so please remember to bring your reading book into school everyday.

Try to read at home every day too.   We would also ask that the children read at home every day too.

TT Rockstars - please use your login to practise your items tables at least twice a week.




Our topics this year are:


Autumn 1 -  The Empire Strikes Back !

Autumn 2 -   Ice Palace

Spring 1 -   Why did Molly buy a hat?

Spring 2 -  Bottoms, burps and bile!

Summer 1 -  Revolution!

Summer 2 -  Coastal Waters





Welcome back to the new half term.  We hope that you've had a wonderful Christmas break. 


Our topic this half term is called  "Why did Delia buy a hat?"    The children are still in suspense at the moment about who Molly is and why she bought her hat, but all will become clear, very, very soon!  



27.02.23  -  Homework Project

Today we launched our exciting design and technology project for parents and children.  Please see the attached flier.

27.01.23   -  Spanish

This week in Spanish, we have been learning the names for different animals.  We have using them in conversations, describing which animals we like and dislike and what the animals look like.

We played a game of spanish animal bingo to help us learn their names.  It was lots of fun!

25.01.23  -  Looking at sources of evidence in History

We have been examining sources of evidence in history.  We discussed what evidence we can be deduced from a photograph.  We looked at images of people from the Edwardian period and talked about whether they were rich or poor, based on what we had learned in the previous week about the lives of the wealthy and the poor and what we knew about their jobs, schooling, housing and clothing.

13.01.23    Postponed Christmas Production

Today was the final performance of our postponed Christmas production.  It seemed strange performing a Christmas play in January, but it was brilliant.  Year 5 were the main characters in the production, Year 4 were all secret agents, Fedoras class were the santas and Trilby class were the elves.  We sang our hearts out  and we were fabulous.  We are all very proud of our performance and our Mum's and Dad's and other family members were too.


Here is a photo  of us dressed in our elf costumes.

06.01.23  -  Topic launch

We launched our new topic this week:  "Why did Delia buy a hat?". 

We began looking at hats and the history of the hatting industry in Atherstone.   We welcomed a visitor into school - Mr Smith.  He used to work at the hat factory many years ago.  He talked to us about the kind of hats that were made there and who for.  They supplied hats to the RAF and the Army over the years.   Their hats went all over the country and to some parts of the world.   

We wondered whether the hat that Delia bought, was made in this fatory.

05.01.23  -   Geography

This afternoon our class enjoyed learned about the four cardinal points of the compass and then the four further points. We looked at how to use a compass works and how to find different directions using it.  Then we used these skills, to plot different things on map grid from directions we were given. 


We played a game of north, south, east, west; but then we made it even harder by adding in the further 4 points of the compass.   The children were brilliant at this and they really enjoyed their work today.





Welcome back to the new half term.  This will be a very busy one, with the lead up to Christmas.

We hope that you've had a wonderful week off with your children, but we were excited to see them all back today.


30.10.22  -  History Curriculum Enrichment Week

We have kicked off the new half term with a History curriculum enrichment week, all about the life and work of Sir David Attenborough.   What a week it has been!  The children have loved finding out about this inspiring national treasure and are all fired up to challenge the world to listen and take notice about the things we can do to help stop climate change and help endangered animals.



01.11.22  -  Poetry

This morning we launched our topic by watching  the episode of Planet Earth II about deserts.   We are looking at deserts through our work about Sir David Attenborough.  We explored poems about the desert and camels today.  We collected some amazing vocabulary to describe the desert lands and then we used this, to write some of our own poems.   We turned them into a poetry book.

01.11.22  - Geography and Art

Today we explored the locations of the different deserts all over the world, on a world map.  We use maps and atlases to create maps of our own.  We found out that they lie in several different continents of the world and that strangely, there are deserts with hot and cold climates. 

We talked about the different types of desert and landscapes and drew and painted some of our own.


Please have a look.

03.11.22  -  David Attenborough's work

We looked at the work of David Attenborough today.  We were amazed at the range of jobs that David has had throughout his life.  He has spent the largest part of his career at the BBC making nature programmes about the earth, to teach us all about the plants and animals of the world.


He also spends a lot of time campaigning to raise awareness of the damage that humans are doing to our world and the effect this has on plants an animals.  He works with charities to raise awareness of climate change and endangered animals.  Today we made climate change posters and we wrote to him  to ask him what else we can do to help in the fight against climate change.


04.11.22  -  An Orienteering Quiz

Today we tested our knowledge of facts about about sir David Attenborough, in a quiz around the orienteering course in school.  we used our map reading skills to find locations on a map and at each location we had to answer a questions about David Attenborough's life or work.   It was great fun!



24.11.22   -   Our visit to Dudley Zoo

Today was our long awaited trip to Dudley Zoo.  We went to look explore some of the animals that live in the artic and Antarctic.  We took part in a workshop where we talked about which animals were located in which oceans of the world.  We discussed animals which live in arctic regions and how they have adapted to living there.

12.12.23   -   Christmas Craft Club

Children in Year 3 have had a lovely time over the past few weeks, at Christmas craft club.  We made some wonderful Christmassy crafts and they have really enjoyed themselves.

21.12.22  -  Film Night

We enjoyed a Christmassy film this afternoon, watching the Polar Express. 

Our favourite scene was where the children enjoyed a hot chocolate whilst watching the waiters pour the drinks and dance and sing to them.  Miss Maddocks surprised us with a delicious hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.  Yummy!






07.09.22   -    Topic Launch

Today we launched our new topic "The Empire Strikes Back!"   Our topic is all about the Romans and what they did for us.  We found out about why the Romans invaded Britain.  We looked at the uniform and armour that Roman soldiers wore and we designed and made our own Roman shields.  We explored the Testudo formation that the soldiers used and battle and we held our own Romans versus Celts battle.  We had a brilliant day!

16.09.22  -  Orienteering

In PE we are learning new cross curricular geography skills.  We are learning to read and interpret maps and to build and create our own in a fun, energetic way.

20.09.22  -  Forest School

Today was our first Forest schools session with Miss Beard.  We had great fun exploring the woods and  learning new skills today.   Have a look at what we got upto.  We will be doing this every Tuesday so don't forget your wellies and old clothes next week!

23.09.22  -  Roman Roads

Today we have been looking at what the Romans did for Britain.  They built a network of roads across Britain hundreds of years ago, so that the soldiers had somewhere sturdy to march.  They built very straight roads across the land, roads which we still use today.  They built strong, well-built roads and we explored how they did this, by using different types of cereal and biscuits to build our own.

They dug trenches then began by laying large pieces of rock or stone flat, then stone and sand, next sale and cement, then a layer of large rocks or bricks that fitted together tightly.

26.09.22  -  Maths

In maths today we were looking at place value and representing 3 digit numbers using a place value grid.  We used it to explore the value of each digit in three digit numbers.

05.10.22 - More Forest Schools fun

In this week's session we build shelters and created a campfire to enjoy roasting marshmallows on.

10.10.22  -  Learning to play the flute

The Trilby class are learning to play the flute this year.  We are really enjoying, but it's quite tricky.   Our music teacher is really patient and helps us.

21.10.22  -  Designing our own Bread

Our teacher set us the challenge this week, to design and make a new kind of bread for the Roman Emperor.

We tasted many different kinds of bread, some which would have been very close to those eaten by the Roman.

We recorded our favourite flavours, flour types and design and then produce a flavour and design of our own.


Everyone baked bread which was delicious and we taste tested our own bread and everyone else's bread.  We got to take home a mini loaf of bread we had made, to share with our parents.