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Autumn 1

Year 3 and 4 had such a wonderful day learning all about ancient Egypt on our theme day. We made Egyptian bread, mummified one our classmates and then used the steps to mummify a pumpkin. We also created pyramids structures using maths skills.

We enjoyed being news broadcasters and created our own spoken news report about the discovery of King Tutankhamun!

Year 4 enjoyed looking at some of the bones in the human body and we labelled them together!

We found so many artefacts and had fun researching them!

Year Four Egyptologists explored ancient Egypt, looking for relics that could tell us about the Egyptians. We explored underground tunnels, where we found clues on the roof and walls. We dug in the sandy desert and chipped away at sandstone cliffs, hoping to uncover the secrets of the past. Once we found artefacts, we used textbooks and the internet to find out about them. Look how busy we were!

In Science, we have been learning about nutrition by looking at different food labels and discussed how healthy and nutritious they are.

The class are really enjoying their book in English this half-term. They have done a hot seat in the role of Seth the 'Evil One'

We are having fun in PE creating our own Egyptian dance routines!

We enjoyed beginning our understanding of place value by partitioning numbers into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones.

For our Ancient Egypt topic launch, we created a timeline to understand the word 'ancient' and created cartouches and amazing cat art!