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The Flourish Project exists to help young people to develop healthy self-esteem, mental and emotional well-being. The Flourish Project is passionate about seeing young people realise their full potential. Our goal is to equip each young person with tools and techniques, enabling them to be everything they have been created to 




Children and young people are at a vulnerable age during their school years. It is a key developmental time when they are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in. There is a correlation between a students mental wellbeing and their academic progress. We know that happy children thrive and unhappy children do not achieve their full potential. Statistics show that 1 in 10 children aged 5-16 years old have clinically diagnosable mental  problems. Equating to 3 children in a typical classroom of 30 students. 




Our programme is run as 1 hour sessions by a trained facilitator, over an 8 week period. It is targeted towards 9-16 year olds. The programme is best suited to be delivered in small groups up to 10 students. 

Since our inception in January 2017, The Flourish Project has worked with over 1500 young people in 40 different schools. We have seen an average increase per young person in the following areas: 

- 23% improvement in mental well-being 

- 17% increase in self-esteem 

- 24% improvement in happiness 

We monitor each young person's information using the Stirling Children's Wellbeing Scale, Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale and a in-house Happiness Scale. 



Session 1 - Introduction: to build rapport and self-evaluate. 

Session 2 - Beliefs: to explore how beliefs are formed, how they can affect and shape us and how we can begin to form new beliefs. 

Session 3 - Mindset: to understand the power of our thoughts and how they can have an effect on our behaviour. 

Session 4 - Social Media: to explore the effects of social media on mental health, and to encourage young people to develop healthy online habits. 

Session 5 - Self Esteem: to learn how to develop healthy self-talk and to begin to put it into practice. 

Session 6 - Dreams & Aspirations: to discover that having dreams can help us to grow, and to begin to identify what those dreams could be. 

Session 7 - Goal Setting: to understand the importance of setting goals, the positive effect it has on our mindsets, and to set 3 of our own. 

Session 8 - Evaluation: To review and reflect on the course and personal development, and to celebrate and encourage positive aspects of each young person. 



Welcome: reflection on the last session and the Toothbrush Challenge*. Cards of Awesomeness: Each session a 'Card of Awesomeness' is written for one student in the group, expressing something positive and/or affirming to that person. 

Introduction to the session: Brief overview of the session or a brief discussion around the topic. 

Session content: Interactive and creative activities, video resources, facilitated discussion, and reflection. 

End of session: Summary of the session and setting the Toothbrush Challenge* for the week.

Toothbrush Challenge: The Toothbrush Challenge is a challenge set every week to encourage the student to begin to speak positive statements over themselves on a daily basis, while cleaning their teeth and looking at themselves in the mirror! 


"Brilliant project, my son completed it and I noticed he came on in leaps and bounds, and is more confident."

"It has helped me believe in myself and stay positive and not be negative."