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Reception - Sun Hat 2023/24

Welcome to the Sun Hat Class page


 Our teachers are- Mrs Crutchley and Mrs Deeming. 

In Reception we take pride in helping your child settle into their first year at school by providing a nurturing environment. 


We have lots of exciting opportunities to learn and explore through play, following our range of topics. 


Our topics for the year are:

Autumn 1 - Marvellous Me, Wonderful You 

Autumn 2 - Enchanted Woods 

Spring 1   - Home Sweet Home

Spring 2   - Roar!

Summer 1 - Wriggle, Wriggle 

Summer 2 - Fantasy Creatures




Autumn 1 - Marvellous Me, Wonderful You


The topic this half term promotes discussion around each child and makes their learning relevant to them.  We shall look at families and pets and will be discussing each child's likes and dislikes to allow us to get to know them better. The class shall examine the differences between people and celebrate all individualities.  



Autumn 2 - Enchanted Woods 


This half term we have looked at the changes to the environment and what can be seen happening around us.  We have explored Seasonal changes using the sights and smells of Outwoods and have looked at how these changes can affect different animals.  Our class texts have provided opportunities to look at nocturnal animals and hibernation and we have also been able to learn about migration.  


Spring 1 - Home Sweet Home 


This topic allows our children to explore the features of homes around the world, both in the current day and in the past.  We use the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs to learn about materials and their key features, looking at which materials would be better suited to build houses and what can happen if we select the wrong ones. 




Monday - Forest School, please send your child with suitable warm waterproof clothing and named wellingtons in a carrier bag. 


Tuesday and Friday  - PE, please ensure children are wearing black jogging bottoms or shorts and PE pumps with school jumpers / T-shirts.

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