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Autumn Gallery of Good Times

We have been using a counting stick to help us learn the 7x tables.

Our latest TT Rock Star is top of the class leader-board in every area. She averages 1.8 seconds per question and answered 25 soundcheck questions accurately. This is what practising does. Keep it up!

Yesterday, Panama Hats went all the way to Dudley Zoo to learn about animals in the ice and oceans. It was amazing! We heard all about Tommy the Arctic Fox and we clapped at the sea-lion, who kindly bowed back. Some of our favourites were the bush dogs with their whimpering calls and the majestic tigers. The animals all looked so well looked-after, and they seemed to enjoy showing off to us. We weren't the only people at the zoo though as there was an ITV camera crew filming a new series about Lenny Henry. We were lucky enough to interview one of the extras called Emma, who was taking a break.

Panamas have been reading Ice Palace and created and performed a moody kenning about Starjik. Have a look at the video below.

We have been learning about Sir David Attenborough this week, focussing on his Grasslands documentaries. One of our first activities was to complete a field study of the grassland at school, then as scientists, present and explain our data.

Making Bread - We designed and made bread that would please a Roman Emperor. We thought about how our design would be fit for purpose and the flavours we would use. We learnt about the processes of kneading and proving. We used our weighing and measuring skills to ensure we got our recipe right. All of our bread was very tasty!

Design Technology - we have been evaluating types of bread to see which product we liked best to help us create a bread of our own.

We are so lucky to get outside and explore the Nature Area during autumn. We have learnt how to split wood, we have collected conkers and built dens. To finish off, we toasted marshmallows on an open fire. Yummy!

Congratulations to our first TT Rock Star! Most improved with an eleven point improvement!

We are so lucky to have our Nature Area and look forward to Forest Schools with Mrs Beard every Welly Wednesday. We learn many skills and how to cooperate in order to complete tasks together.

We have been learning our times tables in lots of different ways. We love the challenge of TT Rock Stars but we know how important it is to chant the full number sentences so we do this to the Macarena. We also love to use playing cards to see who calls out the answers first.

In RE we have been learning about how Jesus inspired people. Here we are re-enacting the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand.

The Empire Strikes Back! We have loved learning about The Romans. We have been archaeologists, digging for relics in the grounds; we have made Roman shields and learnt about the Testudo; we have written speeches for Boudicca and resisted the Roman invasion and we have learnt about Roman roads too!