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We understand that starting school can be a difficult time with lots of new things to remember as well as making new friends.  This book tells the story of how making new friends can be tricky and allows the children to discuss the best ways to communicate and help others. It allows everyone to think about how others may be feeling in unfamiliar situations and encourages all of our new starters to consider how best to help children in the same circumstances.  

As we have been discussing our families, this text allows us to look in more detail at the adults who are important to each of us. 

We are in the process of making our own party scenes and look forward to the results. 


We have started the school year with our first book, 'The Colour Monster'.  This book allows us to discuss our feelings and emotions and think about what things make us feel that way.  It also allows us to discuss how the things that we do can make others feel and what we can do to help others with their emotions.