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Senior Leadership Team



Hi, My name is Cilla, and I am the most important member of the Outwoods team. I was born in a foreign country and brought back to Atherstone about 10 years ago. From there I adopted the school and gradually they fed me (at least twice per day) and bought me so many beds to sleep in - I didn't know which one to choose from.

I have the run of the school throughout the day and at night-time a cosy changing room with a cat flap for emergencies.

It really is the best place to live as I love the teachers and children and always make sure that their learning is not disturbed (unless it is something really important - like I need another dreamie!) Join my 20K followers on twitter to see what I get up to......


Mrs S Taylor


I am Sally Taylor proud head teacher of Outwoods Primary School. I have been at Outwoods since it opened and really feel like part of the community. I am passionate about equality and will help your children to find their place in the diverse world in which we live. I know that all children have huge potential and it is my job to make sure we really understand them and can engage them in learning, not just now, but throughout their lives.

Favourite Children’s book; The last Noo Noo- by Jill Murphy- it reminds me of my eldest daughter who was far too old to have a dummy but loved it anyway.

Favourite Children’s film- Peter Pan – the language in Peter Pan is wonderful and has some of my favourite quotes; “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.


Miss C Maguire

Deputy Headteacher  SENCO

I am Clare Maguire, deputy head of Outwoods. I have always loved teaching here and I am particularly passionate about the learning in Nursery and Reception- an amazing start to school life will help all of our children be life long learners.

I am busy out of school with my young daughter who loves swimming, gymnastics, and dance- we are always rushing around- but we love to keep active.

My favourite children's book is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

My favourite film is  Coco- I love Pixar Animation films- the illustrations are amazing.


Mrs J Church

Assistant Headteacher 

Hello everyone. I currently teach in Year 2 and have been at this school for a long time now because I think it is great! I am proud to say I work here because it is such a creative, nurturing and inspiring place to be. My role as a teacher is to help the children in my class to be the best they can be and I always seek to provide enjoyable and memorable experiences that they learn from.

I am mum to two teenage boys and have a much loved (and very scruffy) dog called Nelly who I enjoy walking at weekends. My favourite place to be is the beach – any beach, any weather!

Favourite children’s book – This is so hard to choose! I like so many books and new ones come out all the time which then become my favourite! The best adventure story I have read is ‘The lion, the witch and the wardrobe’ but picture books are what I enjoy the most!

Favourite children’s film – I love the Harry Potter films, particularly the last two which I have watched many times.


Teaching Staff 

Mrs R Newton

Reception Teacher

Hi! I am Mrs Newton, Reception teacher at Outwoods Primary School. Teaching your child in their very first step of their school journey is something that I am very proud to do. It is so rewarding to see how much the children learn and develop, ready to begin their next steps into school. I am part of a fantastic team, who all help create learning experiences which meet the needs and interests of all children. We are lucky to have such a lovely space for the children to thrive in and they especially love our garden.

Favourite Children’s book- We’re Going on a Bear Hunt- I love the pictures in this story and the range of language used. I remember enjoying this story as a child and I continue to enjoy reading it to the children- especially when we act it out!

Favourite Children’s film- The Little Mermaid. As a child, this was a particular favourite of mine and I have watched it countless times!


Mrs J Malin

Year 1 Teacher 

My name is Miss Atkinson and I am a year 1 teacher of Beanies class at Outwoods Primary School. I love teaching year 1 and all the exploring, learning and fun we get to have! I am the subject lead of dance and drama which I am very passionate about and I will help your children to develop their confidence and ignite their passion for these subjects.

Favourite Children’s book- Harry Potter book series – this book series is my favourite of all time and I have very fond memories of reading with my Mum and Dad sparking my imagination. My favourite quote from the book is “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

Favourite Children’s film-Billy Elliot – this film ignited my love for dance especially with ballet and tap! Teaching me to never give up on your dreams!


Mrs D Bloomer

Year 4 Teacher 

I am Denise Bloomer and a Year Two teacher at Outwoods Primary. I have loved working with children since my own children were young and have worked as a childminder and teaching assistant before finally training to teach as a mature student. I am enthralled by children’s development, from the time babies first start to communicate to their confidence as they flourish as young adults and I have been lucky to see this with my own children and now grandchildren, as well as a teacher working throughout the primary phases.

Since joining Outwoods four years ago, I have been able to develop my passion for pupil voice and wellbeing in many different ways. I am lucky to lead Life Skills, which covers the many different ways we prepare our children for life in and out of school as they grow up. I also work with the school council and we make our voices heard within school and the local community, meeting with the local council and addressing issues that affect our lives. I believe that is important to empower children to realise that they are able to manage and change their own lives – that they have an identity and a voice.

Favourite Children’s book- Sorry but I have two! My favourite children’s novel is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It is a beautiful story about friendship and the healing power of nature. My other favourite is a Ladybird anthology of fairy tales because my own children, my grandchildren and the children in each of my classes have all enjoyed the different stories, joining in with repetitive parts – and hiding from the big bad wolf or the ugly troll. Every child has a favourite story they love to hear, read and join in with, over and again.

Favourite Children’s film- The Lion King – the story is a powerful story about the circle of life, with a wonderful Elton John soundtrack. You can feel very wise, just listening to the lyrics and some of my favourite quotes from the film are:

“It is always important to look where you are headed, rather than where you were.”

"Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it." –Rafiki. And of course, “Hakuna matata!”


Miss A Maddocks 

Year 3 Teacher 

I am Anna Maddocks and I am a year 3 teacher.  I have worked at Outwoods for many years now and I am proud to be part of our wonderful school community.

I love my job and strive every day to help children to be their best selves and reach their potential. Everyone at Outwoods knows that I love Art and Design.  I am passionate about creativity and sharing my knowledge and love for art, with the staff and children here.

My favourite children’s book is “Supertato” by Sue Hendra and I share it as a favourite book with my son.  He’s ten now and still loves it! I think I’ve shared this book with every child that I’ve ever taught at Outwoods and they all loved it too.


Mr B Murch

Year 1 Teacher

Hello, my name is Mr Murch. I have been a Primary School teacher since 2017 and I have worked at different schools in Worcestershire, Birmingham and now Outwoods Primary school. I enjoy coming to school each day to teach children new things and helping them prepare for later life. I always try to make my class environment a fun and friendly place sharing jokes and having a good sense of humour. Subjects I really enjoy teaching are Science, History and Geography where children often ask very interesting and insightful questions about the world. In my spare time I enjoy running (not very quickly), reading books and playing the guitar. One of my favourite children’s book is The enormous crocodile By Roald Dahl. Whenever I have read it to children, they find it hilarious and really enjoy the ending. 


Miss C Cope 

Year 2 Teacher

I am Claire Cope and I have been a class teacher at Outwoods Primary School since it opened in 2010 and before that when it was Arden Hill Infant School. I am extremely lucky to teach in such a wonderful school and I feel very privileged to work with such fantastic children and their lovely families. It has been an honour teaching so many children over the last 16 years - especially seeing them grow and progress through the school.

Children’s well-being and knowing them as individuals is at the heart of my classroom practice and also a strong belief that there are no barriers to great progress for all children. I want every child I teach to feel loved, to laugh, to learn and to have the best possible educational experience at school. I ensure my classrooms are bright, happy, friendly places where children grow and thrive together. I enjoy leading the key stage one choir and year six mental health warriors as this gives me the opportunity to work with children from different year groups across the key stages and to contribute to the many extracurricular opportunities the school has to offer.

Favourite children’s book: Stick Man by Julia Donaldson – I enjoyed reading this to my four Sons many times. They particularly enjoyed the happy ending when the family are re united at Christmas (our favourite time of year!)

Favourite children’s film: Beauty and the Beast (the animated version from the nineties.) My Mum bought this film for me and my sister and we watched it so many times that we knew every song word-for-word!


Mrs G Hall

Year 6 Teacher 

I am Gilly Hall, a class teacher at Outwoods Primary School. I have been a teacher here for nearly ten years since I moved down from the Lake District. I have taught across various year groups and have loved every single one for very different reasons. In the classroom, I try to have a good sense of humour and make every child feel happy and safe at school to allow them to learn in a positive environment. Developing positive relationships with each and every child is very important to me and is something which I put a lot of effort into creating.

Favourite Children’s book: The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson – I love reading aloud books that rhyme; they have a great rhythm. I also love the clever little mouse who fools so many predators!

Favourite Children’s film: The Lion King - I have seen this film countless times that I genuinely think I could read the script off by heart! I love everything about this film from the music to the characters to the difficult storyline that it tackles.


Miss J Patterson

Year 5 Teacher 

I am Josie Patterson, year 5 class teacher at Outwoods Primary School. I joined Outwoods when it opened and thoroughly enjoy teaching here. I particularly enjoy teaching practical lessons, where the children can get hands on and learn in a different way. I lead science and STEM throughout the school and enjoy finding ways to give the children a variety of opportunities and experiences.

Favourite children’s book: Matilda by Roald Dahl. I have always loved this book because of the way Matilda overcomes her situation to be successful. I still have the copy I was given when I left year 6.

Favourite children’s film: The Minions Movie - I enjoy watching this film with my children as it makes us giggle and gasp all the way through.


Miss R Murphy

Year 2 Teacher

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Mrs C Crutchley

Reception Teacher

Hi, My name is Mrs Crutchley and I am new to Outwoods this year and shall be teaching in Reception. I have been working in Early Years for 13 years and am passionate about early education. I want to help children in their first years of schooling by providing them with a nurturing environment as they explore and learn to learn whilst having lots of fun. It's an honour to be a part of any child's early education and I'm really excited to see each child's unique development.


In my spare time I enjoy walking and I am looking forward to exploring the local areas with my children and dog. My favourite book is The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton as its the first book which really made me feel like I was in the story. I remember waiting for time to read every day as a child so I could see where the book would take me and which new characters I would meet. I still look for toadstools and fairy meetings when I'm out walking. 


Miss K Preston

Year 4 Teacher

Hello, my name is Katherine Preston and I am new to Warwickshire and Outwood's Primary. I am so excited to become involved in a new community and get to know my new location. It has been great fun in Year 4 so far, as someone who loves history, I enjoyed teaching our Ancient Egypt topic learning all about mummification and Ancient Egyptian Gods. I am a big fan of modern foreign languages and speak Spanish, some French and sprinkling of German. 


My favourite children's book is Matilda because I wanted to be like Miss Honey when I grew up! 


Miss A Cox

Nursery Teacher

I am Aimi Cox, Nursery Teacher at Outwoods.  

I have worked in a variety of Early Years settings and schools for many years and really enjoy teaching in Nursery. It is a privilege to support children in the early stages of their learning journey and I am passionate about providing exciting activities within the indoor and outdoor learning environments. My favourite book to share with the children in Autumn is called ‘The Leaf Man’ by Lois Elhert. It has beautiful illustrations and encourages children to use their imagination to find and create pictures within the colourful Autumn leaves. 


Outside of school, my young daughter keeps me very busy with her swimming, dancing and musical theatre clubs, and when we have any spare time we also enjoy baking, crafting, walking and gardening together. 


Mrs N Godrich 

Year 3 Teacher 

I am Mrs Godrich, year 3 teacher at Outwoods Primary school. I have been at the school since it became Outwoods in 2010 and I have taught all of the year groups in Key Stage 2. I lead Maths across the school and it is a subject that our children particularly enjoy. It makes me so happy when the children make connections with their learning and have those 'light bulb' moments of understanding.

My favourite children’s book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I loved the Harry Potter series as JK Rowling managed to leave most chapters on a cliffhanger, making you want to keep reading until the end.

My favourite children's film is Tangled. I enjoy watching it with my children and laughing at the funny moments as well as singing along with all the catchy songs.


Miss J Mullis 

Year 5 Teacher 

Hi, I’m Miss Mullis. I’ve been a Year 5 teacher at Outwood’s Primary for 2-years now. I absolutely love Outwood’s School and consider it a huge privilege to teach some of the most amazing children. I love how everyone works together as a big team to help, guide and support everyone within its community.  

I’m a big fan of the outdoors and love to walk my beautiful whippet Tara in the countryside. I also enjoy swimming and take challenges for Charity. My most recent challenge was to swim the length of the British Channel (23-miles) in 10-weeks or less, which I did in my local pool. I had to be focussed and resilient - but I made it.  

Favourite Children’s Book: Storm breaker by Anthony Horowitz. I just love the pace and thrill of the adventure. Alex Rider is an amazing character.  

Favourite Children’s Film: The Never-ending Story – Fantasy, a flying dragon with a cute face, amazing adventure. It was my favourite film as a child, and still love to watch it now.  


Allena Bird


Hi, my name is Mrs Bird, I am the class teacher for Year 5 . 

My favourite children’s book is ‘The Magic Wallpaper’ about a little boy who can’t find his bed; he has to ask all the animals in the jungle to help him find it. 

My favourite children’s film is ‘The Snowman’ – I love the illustrations and the sound track. 


Mr R Hall 

Year 6 Teacher 

Hi I’m Mr Hall and I have worked at Outwoods for eight years. I really enjoy creating a fun and energetic atmosphere within the classroom to aid the children in their learning. I make it my goal each year to create positive and strong relationships with all of the children to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment. I strive each year to see each child progress and fulfil their maximum potential. I have a passion for PE and sport and thoroughly enjoy teaching the subject.

Favourite child’s film – Shrek – I have watched this film many times and can almost recite it word-for-word. I enjoy how it makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it.

Favourite book – My current favourite children’s book is The Large Family by Jill Murphy. I am reading it with my one year old child and I feel it is a really good series to be reading as his first book.


Mr K McDonald

Year 6 Teacher

I am so excited to be starting my 3rd stint at this school where my teaching career began! In the intervening years I have worked at a variety of schools, in a range of different roles, across North Warwickshire, and hope to bring the knowledge gained from my experiences to give our year 6 children the best possible preparation for secondary school as well as a rewarding and fulfilling final year at Outwoods.

Favourite Children’s Book: Winnie the Pooh

I could claim that it is for the under-rated quality of the sentence composition but really, it’s because I can’t get through a chapter without crying with laughter - especially the one in which Eeyore gets ‘rescued’ from the stream.

Best film: The Jungle Book

"Forget about your worries and your strife…."


Mrs V Wheeler

Year 6 Teacher 

My name is Mrs Wheeler and I have been at Outwoods for just over 3 years - I teach Year 6 and enjoy teaching computing. I also really like English as I love being creative with words. My favourite book to read to children is Holes by Louis Sachar. It’s full of adventure and suspense, and I particularly like it’s moral message: even though you make mistakes in your life, it's never too late to change them. I love all Disney films, but my favourite has to be Finding Nemo. When things get tricky, I always remember to ‘just keep swimming!’


Teaching Assistants/Support Staff

Mrs J Taplin 

Teaching Assistant 

I have been a Teaching Assistant at Outwoods for many years. Seeing the children develop and thrive throughout their school life is such an amazing thing and I feel very lucky to be part of it. My favourite story is Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. It’s a familiar story that children can relate to and join in with the many sound affects. In my spare time I love baking for my family. 


Miss C Downes

Teaching Assistant 

Hi, I am Miss Downes. I have worked at Outwoods for over 7 years. I started here when my daughter was in Reception. Throughout my time here I have worked in every year group and run Art Clubs which I thoroughly enjoy. I absolutely love my job, seeing the children flourish is a real achievement. 


Mrs L Sutton 


I am fortunate to have spent my whole career working in Early Years Education, with a large majority of this time being spent at Outwoods Primary School. I love working with the youngest children in our school and have a passion for helping to provide them with the best possible learning experiences, both in the indoor and outdoor environment.


Mrs C Deeming

Teaching Assistant

Hello, I'm Mrs Deeming, I am new to Outwoods and will be joining the reception team this year. Having spent the last 5 years working in early years, I am very excited to continue supporting children as they progress on their journey through primary school. In my spare time, you'll find me reading, dancing around to music with my daughter and walking our dog Ernie! As a child I loved to read anything written by Roald Dahl and have enjoyed re - reading them with my own daughter. My favourite book to share with younger children is " The book with no pictures" I love how this captures and holds children's attention despite there being no images in it, even if I do feel VERY daft reading it!


Mrs M Jackson 

Teaching Assistant 


Hi, I am Mrs Jackson and have have worked at Outwoods for many years ( I left once- but had to come back because I missed the children so much!) We have a lovely team here and give the children the best support academically, emotionally and physically. I have 2 grown up children and love to decorate cakes for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. 

My favourite children's book and film is Matilda, I love the quote- "If you are good, life is good." and like to think this is a good way for everyone to live their life.



Miss J Clark

Teaching Assistant

Hi, I'm Miss Clark. I am new to Outwoods this year. 

I currently have the pleasure of supporting and helping children in our wonderful SEN provision, Bluebells. 

I have predominantly worked in early years settings and have a huge passion for building strong foundations for children's future learning and development. I strive daily to make every child feel valued and meet their full potential. Working in Bluebells is like a home from home family. I enjoy reading traditional fairytales, singing silly songs and most of all being part of those magical moments where children meet a new goal in their learning. 

I have two daughters who have both attended Outwoods. Our family time is spent enjoying eating nice food together, going on walks and dancing in the living room to music. 


Mrs A Deakin 

Teaching Assistant 

My name is Mrs Deakin. I have worked at Outwoods for 14 years as a nurture leader, teaching assistant and lunchtime supervisor. I really enjoy supporting and encouraging all of our children to grow in confidence, feel valued and achieve their goals. My favourite moment is when children realise they can do it! My hobbies are reading, walking and being a Cub Scout leader.


Mrs J Smith 

Teaching Assistant 

Hello, my name is Mrs Smith. I love being a Teaching Assistant at Outwoods - I enjoy the art lessons most of all. I love reading and read everyday. My favourite childhood books were The Famous Five by Enid Blyton.


Mrs A Bragg

Teaching Assistant 

I’m Mrs Bragg and I have worked in various year groups over the seven years I have been here. I am currently working in year 6. I love my job as a T.A because it’s fantastic to see the children develop into great role models for the other year groups and responsible young adults. My favourite subjects are maths and French.  Out of school I like to go to the gym and go on long walks with my family.


Mrs L Colclough 

Teaching Assistant 

Hi, my name is Lavinia Colclough and I have worked at Outwoods since my son was 6 weeks old, which is 27 years ago. Throughout the years I have had the privilege to work with some amazing children who have taught me so many things about kindness, honesty, trust and love - I am truly humbled. 

My favourite book is 'The Secret Garden'. For me, the story shows that through nurture we can grow and achieve our dreams.


Mrs K Brampton 

Teaching Assistant 

Hello, my name is Mrs Brampton. I have been at Outwoods since 2012. I first started as a lunchtime supervisor, then in 2014 I became a Teaching Assistant. I have worked with all year groups over KS1 and KS2. My favourite subjects in school are science, history, DT and art! Some of my favourite topics have been The Jolly Postman, The Titanic and Tudor Kings and Queens. I still learn something new in every topic we do!

I enjoy swimming and walking my dogs around the local woodlands. My favourite children's authors are Roald Dahl and David Walliams. I love anything funny and silly!


Mrs L Peacock

Teaching Assistant

I am a new addition to the lovely team at Outwoods this year. Having recently re-trained as a teaching assistant, I am thoroughly enjoying my new role.  It has been wonderful getting to know the pupils and staff alike. My favourite subject is Topic, however I also find the interesting and amazing creations in DT very exciting. 

In my free time I love reading, cooking and spending time with my young family. 


Mrs F Beard

Teaching Assistant 

I was lucky enough to join Outwoods in February 2022 as a Teaching Assistant.  I help out with lots of different classes and in the afternoons I run Orchid Group alongside Miss Downes. 

I’m an experienced Forest School practitioner, so you’ll often find me in the school woodland.  I’m passionate about getting children to also develop their non-academic skills, like team work, social skills, self confidence and an understanding of the world around them, allowing them to thrive in all aspects of their lives.  

I’m usually outdoors with my dog Digby and my family, I love mountain biking, tennis and anything creative, especially sewing and art.  

Roald Dahl’s Danny the Champion of the world is one of my favourite books.  I love the strong relationship between Danny and his dad and their mischievous adventures.  

I also love anything by Shirley Hughes, her stories and illustrations are wonderful, I loved getting to share these stories from my childhood with my children.  

My favourite childhood film is Back To The Future, I love history with a bit of time travel and adventure thrown in.


Ms A Burgess

Teaching Assistant

Hi I’m Miss A Burgess. I've been at Outwoods for 7 years and have worked in most year groups. I now work in Bluebells which I absolutely love. My favourite children's book is Guess how much I love you? It reminds me of when my children we're small and i also love how the children in Bluebells will join in the repetition of the story. It’s a book that makes you feel warm and loved - what more could you ask for from a book. I do believe I have the most wonderful job, I get to see your children grow and I’m lucky to be there to see them sometimes fall, but mainly to see them shine. Every day is full of laughter and giggles and tantrums and sometimes tears but as a Bluebell family we find a way together to work it out.


Mrs E Cressey 

Teaching Assistant 

Hello my name is Mrs Cressey. Having moved to Warwickshire 8 years ago I was lucky enough to be given the chance to join Outwoods Primary School as a Teaching Assistant. I love being part of the team here and of course working with our wonderful children; they bring a smile to my face daily. 

I have three children, two dogs - Mollie and Peggie and a tortoise named Oogwai. My favourite book as a child was The BFG - I loved reading this to my children too. 


Mrs S Hayden 

Teaching Assistant 

Hello, my name is Mrs Hayden. I have been part of the Nursery team since 2005, starting off as a midday supervisor to becoming a Teaching Assistant and have loved every minute of it, the staff and children are all fantastic. There is something magical about being part of a child’s early years in education.
My favourite children’s story is The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, this was one of my two boy's favourite stories too, probably because I read it that much to them. Who could resist a bit of Gruffalo crumble and Owl ice-cream.


Mrs K Holmes 

Teaching Assistant 

Hello, my name is Mrs Holmes and I have been a Teaching Assistant at Outwoods Primary School for almost 12 years. My favourite subjects are English and Art, I have worked with different year groups running an after school Art Club which I thoroughly enjoy as this gives the children a great opportunity to express themselves individually whilst exploring different types of art. 

I have 2 children and a tortoise called Murtle and in my spare time I love to read, walk and listen to music - however my favourite hobby is most definitely shopping! My favourite children’s book has to be The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. This was the first book I owned as a child and I love that it is full of mystery and surprise in every chapter - Saucepan Man is my favourite character. 


I consider myself very lucky to be a Teaching Assistant as I get to laugh and smile every day!


Mrs S Westwood 

Teaching Assistant 

My name is Mrs Westwood and I have been a Teaching Assistant at Outwoods for the past eleven years. My favourite subjects are English, P.E and French and I am currently working in Year 6 which I really enjoy.


Mrs S Pearce 

Teaching Assistant

Hello, I’m Mrs Pearce. I have worked at Outwoods Primary for 15 years. I work in Year 2 and enjoy teaching the children but most of all seeing their achievements and watching them progress. I enjoy working at Outwoods as everyone is friendly and helpful. My favourite book is The Gruffalo. I like the way the mouse tricks all of the animals into not eating him. In my own time I like to dance and walk my dog.


Mrs S Peake

Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Peake, I have worked at Outwoods since 2010. I love my job as a Teaching Assistant because it’s so rewarding to help children in their learning journey, especially when a child finds something difficult and they discover that they can do it with a little support. 

I have worked with nearly all year groups across the school at some point. Most children I have worked with will know that art is my favourite subject and I love encouraging the children to show their artistic talents. 

I also love to be creative and to read in my spare time. I have two favourite books that I like to read with the children, The Gruffalo and We’re going on a bear hunt. 


Mrs K Foster

Teaching Assistant

Hello, I am Mrs Foster and I have worked at Outwoods for 11 years. I have worked 1:1 and in all years from Reception to Year 6. 

I have enjoyed working with all year groups and love all of the children I have helped. It is a lovely, friendly school and the staff are great to work with. 

Out of school I enjoy walking and reading.


Mrs J Wyatt

Teaching Assistant

Hello, I am Mrs Wyatt. I have worked at Outwoods for 7 years and have worked in lots of different year groups. I really enjoy nurturing children and working on a 1:1.

I love reading and my favourite author is Enid Blyton- the Secret Seven books are fantastic!


Office Staff 

Mrs Karen Johnson

School Business Manager

I am Karen Johnson and I have been the Business Manager at Outwoods since it opened in 2010. Before that I worked for many years at Arden Hill Infant School. I love working here, chatting to the children and seeing them grow up as they move through the school. I even remember many of the parents when they were pupils here!

In my free time I like travelling (when I can) and spending time with my six young grandchildren.

My favourite children’s film is Mary Poppins. My grandchildren and I especially like the “Love to Laugh” song when they laugh so much they float up to the ceiling. What fun it would be if we could all do that!


Mrs Ruth Brookes

Office Manager

When I left Outwoods (formally known as South Middle School) in 1977 I wrote in the leavers year book that when I grew up I wanted to be a secretary. Little did I know that in 1999 I would be back doing exactly that.

When I first returned it was funny to see children of pupils I was at school with, it is very strange now seeing the grandchildren of pupils I was at school with. I wonder if I will still be here when their great grandchildren come through.


Mrs Anna Tweed

SEN Admin

I love working at Outwoods Primary. It’s a nurturing school where each child’s wellbeing is always the key objective – making it a wonderful place to be. My role is so varied, but speaking to and laughing with the children is what brings me most joy. I love seeing the journey the children take as they progress through school and seeing them blossom.

I have two children of my own who keep me on my toes and very active. We love to go out on a bear hunt in our local woods and walking our dogs - being outdoors is where we are happiest.

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson is a book I shall never tire of reading to my boys. Or anything by J.K Rowling.


Family & Children's Wellbeing

Mrs Rachel Bird 

Family Pastoral Support

I am a Pastoral Support Worker at school and I work closely with Mrs Tweed in supporting families with extra needs or challenges they may be facing. I also run groups within the school for pupils and parents to help build confidence and community. Through running programmes such as Flourish, Rooted and Kids Matter it has been great to see first-hand parents and students feeling more enabled and empowered. Alongside my husband i run a local charity called Restore Collective and work with families in the Atherstone and Mancetter area outside of the school day. Outwood’s have worked with Restore Collective for several years but in April of 2021 our partnership expanded with me joining the school in this pastoral role three days per week. I have 3 children and a border terrier called Bailey who keeps us all on our toes! I like chocolate a bit too much, so I also go running regularly to compensate. I like reading a good book but rarely get the chance! I enjoy having coffee and chats with friends and an occasional binge watch on Netflix.


Caretaking Staff 

Mr A Wykes


I'm Andy and I have worked at Outwoods Primary school for six months, which was quite a change from my career as a CNC Engineer of 33 years. My role as Caretaker allows me to use a variation of skills i've aquired over my lifetime and which I particularly enjoy - like decorating, wood projects, repair and maintenance; all of which help me fulfil my role. 

I'm a proud father and grandfather which keeps me busy! Some of my greatest achievements have been parachute jumping, rock climbing, caving - and I was proud to serve as a firefighter for 4 years. My current loves are walking with my dog, time spent with my family and building projects from wood. 


School Cook 

Mrs Keeley Phillips

School Cook

I’ve worked for Educaterers for 18 years, previously in a secondary school then in numerous primary schools across the Midlands. I came to Outwoods Primary a few months ago and I was welcomed by the team of four ladies in the upper and lower school kitchens. We take a lot of pride in our work, always making our food look delicious. We dress-up our kitchen and celebrate all of the festivities throughout the year - we have lots of fun with the pupils who come through our canteen each day. We aim to encourage our children to enjoy the healthy meals we provide, and also to try new ingredients that they otherwise may not have tasted. If your child has any allergies or specific needs, please contact the school and I'll be happy to answer any questions.