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Autumn 2

We love our Advent Calendars this year. We worked really hard to colour them in properly, and remembered to try and stay inside the lines. We think they are really effective.

We love our Christmas trees made out of sticks from the Woodland. They will look lovely in your homes, maybe even hanging on your door.

We continue with our 'Real Life Skills' sessions. This time we hoovered and learned about why you should keep your kitchen clean.

Santa came to visit Bluebells - and left us all a little gift!

We were very busy creating crafts and stalls for our Bluebells Christmas Fayre. We were so happy to have raised £100 towards developing our outdoor area. Thank you all for your contributions.

Our cheeky elf made his annual Christmas visit to Bluebells :-)

Our fabulous Christmas acrostics! Some wonderful ideas :-)

We had a lovely time drinking our Hot Chocolate in Costa Coffee!

We had such an amazing morning walking to Church. We heard about the Christmas story and had time to look around the church. We light our Christingle and said a few kind words about peace at Christmas!

In CARE we learned about the message of The Christingle and we made our own.

We read a wonderful story about how Elves help Father Christmas. We wrote a letter to Father Christmas asking if we could help him to make toys for children around the world. We were even had a surprise visit from our very own cheeky little elf!

In art we have focussed on the artist Paul Klee. We created our own version of his famous piece 'Castles'. The finished pieces are AMAZING! Please pop into Bluebells to look at our amazing Art Gallery to see these masterpieces - we are very proud!

As part of our topic 'Dungeons and Dragons' we found out about jobs in Medieval Castles. The children chose a job they would like, and were interviewed by the Queen. They did a brilliant job!

Our lovely children wanted to write Christmas cards and deliver them to teachers in school. We had an amazing adventure!

During our 'Real life skills' sessions we melted chocolate to make a crazy Christmas tree. The older children then taught the younger ones how to do this. They were very patient and did a brilliant job.

On Wednesday afternoons, we take part in 'Real Life skills'. Here we are cleaning the kitchen and washing our hands properly.

In computing, we have been creating animations. This week we used Lego Movie to create our own Dragon story.

In computing, we began thinking about animation using a programme called Sticknodes. We changed the way a stick man moved so that he was animated.

Investigating numbers - we all worked really hard and even got to write on the tables. We loved it!

Launch Day - Dungeons and Dragons

We looked at traditional Peruvian clothing and found out that they wear clothes that are made from weaving. We created our own weaving using paper.

We listened to Spanish music and created our own version of the Flamenco dance. We even dressed up for the occasion.

We found out that Llamas live in Peru. We made a traditional garland out of Llama's.

During Spanish week we prepared and ate some fantastic Spanish food. We made a Spanish omelette and a delicious salsa. We also tried churros, which were amazing.