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Attendance information

If your child is not able to attend School for any reason you must contact the school as soon as possible giving reasons for the child’s absence. Phone the office on 01827 712372 or email Mrs Tweed on

Alternatively, please notify us on the school text service on 07537 455344. Please Note: This is a TEXT only service. 

September 2020 Update

Due to COVID-19 from September we will follow the government guidance:

1. PLAN: ensure your school has clear, consistent and robust behaviour and attendance policies and practices in place

2. COMMUNICATE: set high expectations for behaviour and attendance and actively communicate this to parents and pupils

3. BE CONSISTENT: ensure expectations are enforced consistently

4. SUPPORT: identify pupils who are at risk of disengagement (including absence or poor behaviour), and provide specific support

5. MONITOR AND IMPROVE: track attendance, behaviour data and intelligence to intervene early and review policies and processes regularly.

We operate a system of first day contact, which means we will telephone or text you if your child is absent and we don’t know why. All absence without a valid reason is treated as unauthorised absence. Since September 2008 the law has stated that children who are absent from school should not be seen out and about during school hours, unless they are attending an appointment. If your child has an appointment during school hours for any reason, please try to bring them to school for the rest of the day. For example, a dental check-up does not mean your child should be absent for a whole day. Your child may miss vital parts of their education if they miss lessons. If children have sickness and diarrhoea they must be kept away from school for a minimum of 48 hours from the last symptom. Other medical conditions may have an exclusion time; you will be made aware of this when you contact us to report the absence.

Absence should be kept to a bare minimum; the Attendance Compliance Enforcement Team (ACE) monitors the children’s attendance and will take action if and when it is appropriate.

To read Outwoods Primary School Attendance policy click the link below:-

Outwoods Attendance Policy 2020

To find out more about Warwickshire County Councils attendance policy follow
this link:-

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