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Play Therapy

Meet our Play Therapist....

I am Laura Frank, an independent Play and Creative Arts Therapist based with Outwoods Primary School 2 days a week.


Play Therapy is a type of therapy where children can explore their thoughts and feelings in creative and dynamic ways, without having to use words to articulate themselves. Play Therapy sessions aim to build a child’s ability to develop healthy and resilient relationships, and to work though traumatic experiences which may be preoccupying them.


When I'm not covered in sand or paint in the therapy room I can often be found with my daughter, covered in sand or paint. Can you tell I love messy play! 






Testimonials - 

"My granddaughter loves her time with Laura, the Play Therapist. It's her time to do whatever she likes doing and she so looks forward to going" . 


"It is evident that Play Therapy helped our daughter to understand her feelings, particularly the anger she felt. I can see a difference in the way she deals with this now - rather than internalising her negative thoughts and feelings, she is able to talk openly with me. I absolutely feel that Play Therapy helped with this, by increasing her confidence. I think she can now recognise that we all have negative feelings and that's okay. It helped that she could develop a relationship with somebody outside of our family circle, who she could trust and be open with. It's been lovely to see her confidence grow". 


"Laura the Play Therapist is amazing, my daughter had so much more confidence in herself after accessing this, it helped her so much. Thank you".