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Year Six - Penguins


Marle Hall Residential

Year 6 enjoyed a fabulous residential trip to Marle Hall in Wales.











Poetry Performances

In English we have been reading poetry.  We learnt poems off by heart and then performed them.

Click on the links below to see our videos of our performances:

Year 6  Perform Poetry  -  1 from Outwoods School on Vimeo.


Year 6 Perform Poetry  -  2 from Outwoods School on Vimeo.


While Some Of Us Were At Marle Hall........

While the others were at Marle Hall – Whilst some of the year 6 were at Marle hall, the rest of us had a good week at school. We did a large number of activities including making gliders, baking cakes and creating a board game.



Making A Mountaineer’s Snack

We made a mountaineer’s snack as part of our topic launch for Extreme Environments. The snack had to be healthy but provide a large amount of energy. We used sugars, fruits and carbohydrates to achieve this. We enjoyed eating our snacks once they were finished.


Investigating Temperatures

We investigated how the temperature of different liquids changed as they melted. We used thermometers to measure the temperature and discussed what we found out.


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