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Year One - Meerkats


Carnival 2019!

The Meerkats class enjoyed a fantastic Design and Technology project leading upto the school carnival this year!   We designed and made musical instruments that we played at the Carnival when we sang our songs.  We had a great time.









Foxton Locks

The Meerkats went on a trip to Foxton Locks this week.  We were very lucky to have a group of brilliant guides for the day who showed us the old boat lift, talked to us about life as children of the canals more than 100 years ago, gave us a tour of the museum, guided us through the locks explaning how the locks worked and talk about wild life around the canals and water safety.  We even got the opportunity to help the boat owners to open and close the gates of the locks.

It was a brilliant day.










Space Party

To celebrate the end of our Space topic today, we held a Space party.  We made cake pops the day before and decorated them with melted chocolate and edible glitters and sprays, to make them look like planets.

We enjoyed eating them, they were delicious!









The National Space Centre

We visited the National space Centre today and had great fun finding out about all things Space! 



We enjoyed our work shop making rockets and then we launched them to see which would go the furthest.







We found out how astronants go to the toilet in space!

We watched a show in the planetarium all about the planets and solar system. 


St Mary's Church

This week our class visited St.Mary's church in the market square.  We enjoyed a tour of the church, looking at the use of different rooms and ares in the church, artefacts, religious books, stained glass windows and clothing.  It was very interesting.





World Book Day   March 7th 2019

We loved coming to school in our pyjamas or dressed as some of our fvourite book characters today.      In key stage one we visited different teachers to find out about their favourite authors and to share some of their favourite children's books.








Our Weird and Wonderful Space Buffet

Before Beegu the alien returned to space, she gave us a package of weird and wonderful alien foods to taste.  We enjoyed tasting some of the foods, but others were not so nice! 

We tasted:   planet slices, hairy zozzle fruits, moon gloop, snozboggles,  moon rocks, woogle berries and moon drops.  






Launching Our New Topic - Spring 2

We launched our new topic this week - "MOON ZOOM!"  Whilst we were working early in the morning, a space craft crash landed in the school playground.  We were all very shocked and surprised to see the wreckage in our school grounds.




Dragon Art

To coincide with Chinese new year and to link with our topic based on the "Lonely Beast," we have been drawing chinese dragons using oil pastels.  Our art work is not quite finished yet,  but the children are very proud of their work so far and we can't wait to see the final results.





Learning To Play The Recorder

The Meerkats have been learning to play the recorder this half term. Today we have been copying rhythms, learning to play the note B and reading and interpretting musical notation.  We performed to a piece of music today by reading the musical notes.

Click here to watch our video:


Welcome to Radish !

Today we welcomed our new class pet, Radish the rabbit.  He is a new friend for our much loved Ginger the guinea pig.    He loves cuddles and playing with his jingly ball. 

We love him already x




Investigating Materials

The Lonely Beast came into the classroom and made a big mess on all the tables! The children worked together to clean up the mess using different materials to test which material would be the most absorbent.

We tested plastic, sponge, paper and cotton.  


It's A Mystery!

Today we came back from assembly to find that our classroom had been turned upside down!  Tables and chairs were over turned and books, lego and felt pens had been spilt all over the floor.  What a mess! 


On the floor were huge, dirty, muddy footprints.  They were too big to be human foot prints, so who did they belong to ?   And why had this creature made such a mess in our classroom ?   It was a mystery and we wanted to solve it.



We found a clue in the classroom to help us solve the mystery.  It led us outside to find more clues and to eventually find a book called:  "The Lonely Beast"  By Chris Judge.  It was hidden in the compost bin !




We read the story to solve the mystery.  It was all about the journey of the Lonley Beast, leaving his home to go to the city to find other beasts just like him; because he was lonely.  In the afternoon we made a huge map of the Lonley Beast's journey on the carpet.

We had a very exciting day!


Victorian Day

This half term we have been learning about what life was like for children over one hundered years ago.

We took part in reading writing and arithmetic lessons.  The children took part in drill lessons and played Victorian games.  We skipped using a huge rope and drew hopscotches on the playground.



We had a super day!


Welcome To Our Bears!

The Meerkats brought their special bears to school today as part of our topic work on memories and toys of the past.  In English we used our senses to describe how our bear looks, feels and smells.  We used adjectives to do this.



How Do Polar Bears Keep Warm?

We have been exploring how polar bears keep warm.  We found out that they have a very thick layer of fat under their fur that stops their body temperature from dropping. 

We carried out a science investigation covering one of our hands in vaseline.  Then we plunged both hands into icy water. We realised that the hand which was covered in the fatty layer of vaseline was just like the thick layer of polar bear fat because that hand stayed much warmer than the hand that had no vaseline on it.

Now we understand how they stay warm!



Blown Away !

We have been reading a story called "Blown Away!"  It is about a penguins who goes on an adventure accidentally!

We went an our own adventure, exploring the school grounds to find its hidden treasures.  We wrote  a recount of our adventure.






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