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Year One - Ants


Science Week

As part of British Science week 2019 year 1 held a science day! The children explored how rockets  launch from Earth and how they return back to Earth. The class was split into two teams; the goop aliens and the space flash.  In made  their very own paper space shuttles. The children then went outside and launched the shuttles and measured how far their space shuttle travelled in metres. The children  recorded their results and then created a bar chart.




There was an awards ceremony at the end of the day where the goop alien's were declared the winners.


Investigating Materials

The Lonely Beast came into the classroom and made a big mess on all the tables! The children worked together to clean up the mess using different materials to test which material would be the most absorbent.

We tested plastic, sponge, paper and cotton.  


Welcome To Our Bears!

The Ants brought their special bears to school today as part of our topic work on memories and toys of the past.  In English we used our senses to describe how our bear looks, feels and smells.  We used adjectives to do this.


Victorian Day

This half term we have been learning about what life was like for children over one hundered years ago.   We took part in reading writing and arithmetic lessons.  The children took part in drill lessons and played Victorian games.  We skipped using a huge rope and drew hopscotches on the playground.



Take One Picture

Year One looked at a famous painting during Arts Week.  It was a painting called "An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump."  It is a painting by Joseph Wright.

Our theme was birds and we focused on the bird in the painting throughout our work.



We made sketches of birds in flight and painted them using watercolour paints.

Aren't they brilliant !

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