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Year Four - Chimps


Our Outdoor Area.

Today we have been making the most of the beautiful Spring weather by getting outside to sort out our outside area! 

We have prepared flower beds and sown some wildflower seeds. We have also cleaned and re-stocked our bird table ready for our feathery friends to visit. We have other creative things in the pipelines to make our outside space appealing and enjoyable.



If you have anything that you think we can use to enhance our area please contact Mrs Church

Chimps x


Our Roman Gallery

Here are the Chimps proudly preparing for parents to visit their Roman gallery of creative work.


Here  is some of their work. They were given a range of different tasks to choose from and could present it in their own style!




What a great topic this has been!


Investigating Bridges

Today the Chimps have been investigating Roman bridges and aqueducts. We had a go at a STEM activity to build a bridge with the longest span.




We have been finding out about the Celtic rebellion led by Boudica. We wrote speeches that she could have used to encourge her clan to fight!    Mrs Church thinks they are brilliant!


We have been trying out our shields and battle faces today!



Take a look at the videos of our battles.  Click on the links below:




Launching Our New Topic

Our new topic is called  'The Empire Strikes Back'.  This video was used to launch our topic to get the pupils excited!!/BLZ-wyYoNMgyaNGOqEtL/download

Star Wars Intro Creator

Create your own Star Wars opening crawl.


We have started making Roman Shields which we will post pictures of soon.

Love from the Chimps  xx



Poetry Fun!

The children have been getting creative this week, writing poetry, based on  a book they are reading in their class.


Here is a video of the Chimp class chanting a Kenning poem inspired by the opening of our new book - Ice Palace by Robert Swindells. The children are describing the character - Starjik and giving warnings about how to stay safe from him.

The Chimps class chant a Kenning poem from Outwoods School on Vimeo.


Take One Picture

As part of the Take One Picture whole school project, we made a secret potions cupboard!

The children really enjoyed making their potions bubble and fizz.     BEWARE!



Kensuke's Island

The children worked hard in groups to make these fantastic models of Kensuke's island using Modrock and a lot of creative thinking and resources.



Claymills Trip

Here are some pictures taken on our topic launch trip to Claymills Pumping Station. The children had a lovely day finding out about how steam was used to power machinery in Victorian times. They also enjoyed watching a Blacksmith at work and learning about bathing in a Victorian bathhouse!





The children were really well behaved and listened well to the interesting and informative talks given by the friendly volunteers.

'"This is a good school." "All pupils...are well supported and make good progress from their starting points." ’Ofsted 2017
'"There is a pleasant and calm atmosphere in the school." "Pupils feel safe at school, they trust adults and know there is always someone to turn to if they need help." ’Ofsted 2017
'"Pupils enjoy their school life, especially the opportunities they have to learn through a variety of activities." "Pupils readily engage in activities and develop their curiosity and an appetite for learning ’Ofsted 2017